David Ryan Adams as HORION74: Movie Making Genius?

Ah, it feels so so good to be writing about the one, the only, David Ryan Adams once again. There has been a significant lull in Ryan news since the last time I saw him on Halloween 2007 at Hammerstein Ballroom, but it appears as though Ry Ry has been hard at work fine-tuning his directorial skills, as displayed in a 18 YouTube video series posted under the username “HORION74” and credited to “DR Adams.”

ryan adams
Photo snatched off of Andy Willsher’s site.

The videos definitely have a low-budget feel–with bad dubbing and hilariously cheesy sound effects…not to mention 80s neon graphic titles and undulating geometric drawings. The series is amazing and humorous. A boggling look into the mind of that mad musician (now musician/director), Mr. Ryan Adams. It’s heartwarming in that cringe-worthy sort of way–like watching old tapes of yourself filmed at all the bar/bat mitzvahs you went to in the early 90s.

The amazing videos… after the jump.
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Got Caught Up In No Pants 2k8 NYC Subway Ride

I had already heard that Improv Everywhere’s “No Pants 2k8” was going to happen today, so I wasn’t too surprised when about 50 sans-pants people flooded the subway car I was in today as I was headed on a downtown N to Union Square around 3:30 pm.

no pants 2k8 nyc improv everywhere

Probably the funniest thing that happen was there were two ladies sitting in the corner with their kids as the pantless folks climbed aboard the train car. One screamed to the other, “What is that smell?! It smells like balls!” As the other saw the kids without pants on, she shielded the young girls eyes.

As a little ridiculous it was to actually see an Improv Everywhere mission in action, I have to admit, seeing folks without pants put a little smile on my face. The best was the guy in my car who was wearing a blue button down shirt, tie, dress socks and shoes, reading the newspaper–in his boxers. An executive pantless rider, for sure. One pantless girl wasn’t exactly keeping in character–asking a fellow pantless rider to take pictures of her being mock shocked that she wasn’t wearing any pants, wrapping her leg around the middle pole like a stripper, stating that she wanted pictures for her Myspace page.

Thought the people who where wearing long coats kinda were chicken–isn’t the whole idea of “No Pants Day” to proudly display your pantlessness? And then around 9pm at night, saw a pair of pantless girls in Williamsburg standing on a street corner. Really, shouldn’t they have been over being without pants by then?

Shia + Zac = Possible Boy Meets World Remake?

My friend Joc mocked up these images (she had to take Topanga out of the first shot) and I LOLed. The though of Shia LaBeouf and Zac Efron taking on the roles of Corey and Shawn is AWESOME.

boy meets world


shia la beouf zac efron

To quote her original email:

Will the real Corey and Shawn stand up?

I’m just sayin… am I the ONLY one who sees this?

Boy Meets World… the Movie?

Someone call up the studios, I think we have a potential hit on our hands.

“Gay Fun” = Even Gayer than a Belle & Sebastian Song

Um… where has this song been for all my life? With lyrics like “and if you wake up in the morning and think ‘what have I done?’/ I wouldn’t lose all that much sleep about it/ Because it’s only…gay fun” and “as you were leaving the restaurant/ You grabbed a free magazine/ I knew right then you were part of…the gay fun scene”, how can you not love this little pop confection released on Don Lennon‘s 2002 album, Downtown.

The song is light and poppy, with Don’s lithe voice gliding over the occassional sound of a whistle blowing, like a gayer version of Belle & Sebastian. I know, I didn’t think it was possible to be gayer than Belle & Sebastian either, that alone is a revelation in itself.

DOWNLOAD: “Gay Fun” by Don Lennon

Here’s a video someone did pairing anime with the song:

Missed Connections at White Stripes MSG Show

Ok so I’m sure something good could come out of last night’s show. Maybe someone will find their true love/lust:

Sexy brunette dancing in the pit at White Stripes ! – m4w – 26

“You were wearing a red top and black pants in the GA/pit general admission area at MSG last night. You were really into the show, dancing to every song, about 2/3 of the way between the stage and the gates at the back of the GA area.”

White Stripes Sec 122 Row D 2 HOT GUYS!!
“You and yr friend were the hottest!!! One blonde -the other shirtless- both with dates. I loved watching you two jump around to the music. Would pay $$ to see you again!!!”
EDITOR’S NOTE: I’m not sure WHY those dudes were not wearing shirts…
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