Bonus Jonas Mania Manifests Itself

Recently I’ve been expressing my fascination/obsession with the Jonas Brothers to a few friends. Well, sometimes mentioning random musings to people yields hilarious results, as is the case this week. My friend who works at Neighborhoodies took it upon himself to pitch the below t-shirt in their daily idea meeting.

Get your credit cards ready… let me introduce…


What is a “bonus Jonas,” you may ask? The Jonas Brothers is band comprised of three real-life brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. But according to a recent New York Times article, they have a 7-year-old younger brother named Frankie–and for better or worse, their father touts him as “the Bonus Jonas.”

“Bonus Jonas” has since become a hilarious catchphrase among young adults and teens who are Jonas Brothers fans/detractors.

Seriously, how could you NOT love this face?

Denny’s All Nighter Appeals To Your Hungry Inner Emo

Last night I went to an event celebrating the launch of what could possibly be the greatest marketing idea of all time: Denny’s + late night menu + emos. Yes, that’s right–make way for the greatest invention of our time, the Denny’s All Nighter Menu.

According to the official press release:

To further expand its late-night menu, Denny’s has asked groups including Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T’s, Eagles of Death Metal and The All-American Rejects to help the chain dream up new dishes for rollout later this summer.

Yup, you read right: For the first time ever, Denny’s has specifically designed food BY DRUNKS, FOR DRUNKS!

At the event I was able to sample the rock-inspired items such as the “Plain White Milkshake” (a vanilla-flavored milkshake designed by the members of the Plain White T’s), as well as the “Hearts on a Plate” (heart-shaped pancakes covered in strawberry syrup and white chocolate chips, developed by Eagles of Death Metal‘s Jesse Hughes–who was on hand at the event), alongside the new late-night menu items like “Potachos,” which are described as being “Freshly fried and seasoned kettle chips topped with crumbled sausage, bacon, bell pepper and onion mix, cheese sauce and shredded Cheddar cheese.”

Other “rockstar” items will include the “All-American SOS” (designed by the All-American Rejects) and the “Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries” (fries with all the fixings of a cheeseburger dumped on top of it, conceived by Taking Back Sunday). Sure, your cardiologist is hyperventilating at the sight of this menu, but your 3am beer-filled belly is jumping up and down.

The press release also reveals that the shift to late-night will not only manifest itself in the menu, but the actual atmosphere in Denny’s:

New Vibe
Additionally, Denny’s servers will swap their traditional uniforms for jeans and black “Get Your Crave On” t-shirts. Restaurants will play alternative rock music from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Oh hellz yes, you know you love it. Unfortunately, although the event took place in NYC, there are currently no plans to open up a Denny’s in the city. You’ll have to get your greasy spoon dipped whilst on the road, my friends.

The Von Bondies Lend Their Song to Corey Feldman’s New Movie

Yup yup, even though The Von Bondies seem to have slipped from my radar, it seems as though they are still a working band (sans some eye candy–original member, the flame-haired Marcie Bolen, left the band in 2006), having finished their third album, Love, Hate, and Then There’s You, which is currently without a release date.

In anticipation of the new LP, the band has lent one of the songs off it, “Only to Haunt You,” to a rather unusual project–Lost Boys The Tribe. THAT’S RIGHT, LOST BOYS 2!!! Better yet, this vampire-heavy B-movie stars none other than original Lost Boy, Corey Feldman. THAT’S RIGHT, COREY FELDMAN.

Enjoy (Survive???) the trailer. I’m assuming the Von Bondies song is the one at the very start, and not the awful death metal music that kicks in during the vampire attacks:


You Write the Caption: Jack White + Amy Winehouse + Beyonce

This photo of Amy Winehouse, Jack White (HELLO CASPER), and Beyonce Knowles watching Jay-Z’s set during Glastonbury 2008 IS THE MOST AMAZING PHOTO OF OUR TIME.

Words cannot describe, but you can give it a try.

This photo is also hysterical–Jack cannot see what’s going on because Amy Winehouse’s arm is in the way. Someone give Jack White some room!

BONUS: Who would win in a fight: Amy Winehouse, Jack White, or Beyonce?

You Write the Caption: Chris Martin Onstage at Brixton Academy

I know how much you guys love giving Coldplay’s Chris Martin–and even the occasional Coldplay drum machine–captions (see your handiwork here and here), and when I saw this photo taken at last night’s free Coldplay concert at London’s Brixton Academy, I just knew that you’d be itching to have your say.

UPDATE: I Am Fuel, You Are Friends have posted MP3s of the entire Brixton concert. Head there for a download.
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Trendrr Analysis: Does Vampire Weekend Owe Success to Sweaters?

My friend Mark just started this awesome website called, which allows you to track and graph all sorts of different data, then slice, dice, and compare your findings at will. Want to track record sales of “Consolers of the Lonely” against the frequency of “internet downloading” on Google News? Just punch in the appropriate keywords and start tracking.

Ever since joining the site I’ve spent hours creating, searching, and viewing my own and other people’s graphs. It sure does make for some fascinating findings. Take for example, my recent comparison of sweater sales on eBay vs blog posts about Vampire Weekend:

Not only is eternally preppy overwear on a greater upswing than Vampire Weekend, it seems like VW might even benefit from the increased awareness of knitted pull-overs in the form of more blog posts. Are the two really related? The world may never know, but it sure is fun finding what other keywords might be tangentially linked to the band.

Chris Martin Continues Bad Naming Streak with “Viva La Vida”

“Loca” on the side, please! Coldplay has just announced the title of their new album, which is to be called er… “Viva la Vida”, which translates to “Long live life,” a quote from Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.

Of course the name not only congers up images of the vivacious Mexican artist, but also that of another Latin sensation, one mister Ricky Martin who’s pop hit “Living la Vida Loca” skyrocketed to the top of the charts in 1999. Said Chris Martin to Rolling Stone, “Everyone thinks it comes from Ricky Martin, which is fine. I have absolute respect.”

This is not the first time Martin (er… Chris, not Ricky) has made some interesting name choices–his children’s names are “Apple” and “Moses.” He and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s unborn third child will be thankful that Chris got his Spanish-language infatuation out with this album title. (Surely he/she would have been named “Burrito” or “Paella”.)

How long will it be before the first “Livin’ la Vida Loca”/”Viva la Vida” mashup surfaces?

Shake your bon bon:

PS- This place is PSYCHED!