Fallon Does Young Doing Fresh Prince

Last night while watching Jimmy Fallon, I witnessed the single greatest moment of TV I’ve seen all month — Jimmy pretending to be Neil Young, covering the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song. It’s so perfect, and dare I say beautiful.

Julian Casablancas Gets His “Boombox” on with Lonely Island

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV in the last week, you probably are already aware that SNL‘s Andy Samberg‘s film/comedy group, The Lonely Island, have spawned a new full-length album called Incredibad which dropped today (Feb 10).

However, what you might not have realized is that a very familiar sounding voice is guesting on one song called “Boombox”–that’s right The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas.

Julian teamed up with Andy on the West Coast this summer to do this humorous send up describing the transformation of a stuffy country club, a drab and homeless NYC, and a nursing home into a bumpin’ dancefest at the arrival of a magical boombox.


Listen to the whole track on Stereogum or play the video below:

Lyrics below the jump
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America Gets Rickrolled on the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade

WOAH! Who just saw America get Rickrolled by the Cartoon Network’s “Foster’s Home” cartoon float?

The characters were singing “People Let me Tell you about my Best Friend” when the song suddenly stopped and the intro to “Never Gonna Give You Up” began to play. The door on the float opened and NONE OTHER THAN THE RICK ASTLEY came out and started singing the song!!!! At the end the character named Cheese turns to the camera and shouts, “I LIKE RICKROLLING!!”

Seriously, it was the most BRILLIANT thing ever! Made my Thanksgiving!

KV already put up a screenshot!

UPDATE: Ghetto video version:

More over at Cnet.

On Sale Now: The Raconteur Action Pack?

Gotta run off to see Twilight right now, but this press release just came in:


Nashville, TN- Leading multimedia retailers and home shopping networks across the globe have unveiled The Raconteur Action Pack, available now where all top products are sold. Listed at the special price of $18.98, The Raconteur Action Pack is the finest sound machine on the market, and finally puts the power of The Raconteur into your very own hands.

Based on an original Raconteur, a sound making machine from the last century, The Raconteur Action Pack provides consumers with the ability to generate their very own melodies using three unique controllers. With multiple settings via easy to push buttons, The Raconteur produces the finest in Rock ‘n’ Roll and Blues sounds.

Available in egg-shell white for a limited time only, The Raconteur Action Pack is a must-have for budding musicians and music-lovers across the country. Call 877-5-on-the-5 or visit www.fromoldtogold.com while supplies last.

Here’s the very campy infomercial video they put together for it:

Who knows if and when The Raconteurs will actually sell something on the site, but man, if this thing actually existed, I would definitely buy it!!! 😉

Call 877-5-on-the-5 (that’s 877-566-8435) and leave a message for…Old to Gold. If you get put on hold, enjoy a selection of Raconteurs songs which will play until you are transferred to the voicemail.
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Coldplay’s Chris Martin Dances Like a Crazy Person

Before I head off to sleepy land, I had to share this with the rest of the world. Methinks this video is just BEGGING for some kind of video remix action. Seriously… does Chris have ants in his pants? Taken at tonight’s Coldplay show at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ:

Nothing Earth-shattering happened at the show… typical set list, although for some reason “Speed of Sound” really spoke to me today. The entire STADIUM was scary shaking during “Viva La Vida.” Seriously SHAKING because everyone was flipping out over the song. One encore song (“Yellow”, of course).