Leigh Lezark Gets Dressed for the New York Times

Check it out! MisShapes reprezenting in the Style section, baby!

Here’s my favorite part of the article:

Fashion designers like Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme have looked to the MisShapes for influence, just as the press once used Edie Sedgwick as a radar of style. But listening to Ms. Lezark, it’s hard to see how or why she would she care about the exquisite refinements that interest stylists and editors.

When Mr. Mokkino suggested she might look good in a floor-length Marc Jacobs dress in a double layer of brown lace, Ms. Lezark smiled vaguely.

“Yeah, I’d wear that,” she said, “but I’d cut it off.”

Now don’t ask me what the point of the article is, I have no idea. It seems to be a piece about the fall season’s obsession with layering (yes, because layering never existed before Fall 2006) and how “real women” will take on this trend in their wardrobe.

I love that Leigh seems totally indifferent to the prompting of the stylists, telling him that the clothes are “too old” for her. This is the high-end equivalent of politely smiling at the salesgirl as she tells you that you look “AMAZING” in whatever item you are trying on.

For example, last month I was on my way to Jason‘s karaoke birthday party and stopped by this store Searle because it was just down the block. I tried on these knee-high leather boots with the outfit I had on–which included short shorts. I slipped on the boots and stood in front of the mirror and the salesgirl said that the boots were “sooo great” and that they looked “great” with my oufit. I looked at her like she was totally crazy because since when do short shorts and knee-high boots spell anything but “street walker”? Then another salesgirl came up with a pair of ugly boots and prompted me to try them on, which I flatly refused.

I know you guys want to sell stuff, but when you start praising bad outfit combos and thrust ugly shoes in my face, it’s really a turn off. If you’re going to suggest some item of clothing, make sure it’s for the better, not for the worse. Yuck.

The Great Concert Shoe Debate

Check out this hilarious entry by Rachel and the City regarding “dumb shoes” that girls wore at this year’s Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

I do have to say, wearing cowboy boots is really played out, but not the stupidest thing you could wear to a festival if you plan on being in the crowd. Gladiator shoes, however, are very stupid. These black cone-heel shoes are not practical, but they are quite sexy. But these espadrilles are just plan ugly and should not be allowed to be worn in public.

Deciding on the proper foot attire for a music festival is in fact a big deal. Maybe not so much for the boys as the girls. I do think very carefully about my shoe selection. That’s because you’re committing yourself to wearing the same shoe for about 8 hours outdoors and standing. You have to really weigh the consequences of the shoe you choose to wear. Do you A- wear sneakers to be comfortable but run the risk of getting horrible sock tan? B- wear a pair of flat sandals to be comfortable but run the risk of getting your exposed foot trampled on? or C- wear ridiculously high/platform/wedge shoes that look really cute with your outfit, but will leave you crying and hobbling by the end of the night?

In the last month I’ve done both A and C. I admit–during Siren Festival you probably saw me wearing “stupid shoes”–a pair of wedge Dr. Scholl’s. Indeed, every boardwalk journey was an exercise in pain, but I got to be less of a midget. This weekend at Warped I wore Chuck Taylors, not only to blend in, but to protect my feet, even though I wasn’t planning on mosh pitting. I just knew there would be a lot more walking involved in a potentially gross parking lot. I was right. My sock tan wasn’t too bad, so I wasn’t terribly upset with the results of wearing the Chucks.
Footwear can be a very complicated choice sometimes…what has been your best/worst concert shoe decision?

Seriously, How Is this Dude Not Sweating?

Ok so part of me goes to Pool Parties on Sundays just to check out what people are wearing. Yesterday was no exception.

Now I’m sure someone who reads this blog probably knows this boy–so if you do, WHY IS YOUR FRIEND WEARING A BLACK LONG-SLEEVED SWEATER IN 80 DEGREE WEATHER? I mean, c’mon! How is he not soping wet with sweat? Peter thought that maybe he had his sweat glads removed, or there was also the theory that “some skinny dudes just don’t sweat.”

Meanwhile I looked like a clammy mess. Thanks guy, for making me look like an unkept, scraggly wet sponge, while you looked cool and collected, snapping your fingers and reading On the Road. Daaammmmnnnyyouuuu!

sweater boy

Ok, I can’t even make this stuff up…


Doesn’t the guy with the white shoes look like the dude from the Ataris circa 2003 Warped Tour?

That dude now.

Futureheads Meet and Greet with…Free Beer

From Roses + Bluejays:

StarTime and Crumpler will be letting the first 50 people through the door with proof of a ticket to the June 30th Futureheads/French Kicks show at Webster Hall. Once in, you’ll instantly be entered to win 1 of 10 of the Futureheads/Crumpler bags. The band will also be on hand to say hi, have a chat, give away some lovely swag, and of course, share a pint. This is all happening at Crumpler Bags (West Village) @ 49 8th Ave. – corner of Horatio & W. 4th St. – Thursday 6.29.06 @ 7:30PM to 9:30PM

Crumpler bags are awesome. They are my camera bag of choice!

Run-on Song Titles

Check out this article about the “trend” of super-long song titles featuring an analysis of Painc!, FOB, Of Montreal, Sufjan Stevens and the winners for longest title in this article–with a whoping 55-word title, the Flaming Lips.

Allo Montréal!

This weekend I did what most Americans wish they had done, I headed for the home of Celine Dion, The Stills, and Priestess–yes, that’s right, I ran for the border and frolicked in the beautiful Canadian city of Montréal with my homies.

But one of the most frightening/amusing things that happened there was we were walking down the street and on the corner was this guy that looked SO much like Pete Doherty from the back–tall, lanky, wearing a gray hat, and brown hair. And then when he turned around, even his FACE looked like Pete’s (it also didn’t hurt that he looked totally confused).

So for about 3 seconds I had a heart attack and was like “holy CRAP is that Pete Doherty?” Then I realized that #1) I was in Montréal and that it would make NO SENSE for Pete Doherty to be in Canada and #2) this guy didn’t look like a junkie. But for those 3 seconds I almost lost my lunch. Phew.

Here are the photos I took to commemorate the non-Pete sighting. The best part about these photos is the old man in the hot pants and pulled up athletic socks in the foreground of the second photo:

montreal pete doherty

montreal pete doherty

I also discovered my new absolute favorite clothing line: Space FB by designer François Beauregard. Think APC looks for Banana Republic prices. Lots of clean lines, beautiful colors, and cuter than cute dresses. I loved their creamsicle colored 3/4 sleeve hoodies, but unfortunately I’m not 6’1″ with a super long waist. Also sad, I asked the sales girl and she told me the line is only sold in Canada right now. Apparently it’s a very hip brand worn by a lot of trendy kids at McGill University.

Meg White Attends the Met’s Costume Institute Party

Known as the most exclusive and fabulous party of the year, the Met’s Costume Institute Party guest list is reserved for the most fashionable people in the world. And who attended this year? None other than Ms. Meg White of the White Stripes, clad in Marc Jacobs!

This year’s theme? ANGLOMANIA! (Check out some photos of the exhibit at the Imaginary Socialite.) Other guests included the Olsens, La Lohan, Jessie Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker (wearing McQueen!!!!), Sienna, Liz Hurley, Kate Moss, Mark Ruffalo, Posh Spice, Marc Antony and J. Lo, Charlize (in Galliano), Mandy Moore, Gretchen Mol, and someone invited Marcia Gay Harden…for laughs?

meg white at met's costume institute party

SOURCE: Style.com