David Cook: Goodbye Emover!

So I’ve sorta been watching American Idol every week, and I basically hate all the contestants except David Cook, who I lovingly refer to as “the Creed guy” because he totally sings like one of those dudes in some “rock” band from Canada or who loves Jesus. I missed this week but was pleased to see pictures and footage of the show which showed a remarkable change in David’s outward appearance: David Cook’s “emover” (aka the “emo combover”) has disappeared!


david cook


david cook
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Fashion Loves The Virgins

The Virgins have not stopped at their nod from Gossip Girl, they seem to be determined (destined) for further fashion domination–possibly making them the “new Strokes”. Lead singer Donald is a perfect fit for the model/musician moniker due to his lanky body type and towering stature.

It’s with no surprise that we’ve stumbled upon his mug whilst wandering in the world of fashion.

Take this commercial for indie designer Charlotte Ronson, entitled “Annabel and Donald”


and this Corey Kennedy blog appearance.

Prediction on what’s next for Las Virgins?

Obama vs. Hillary: The T-Shirt Edition

As the fight for the Democratic nomination continues, I turn your attention to a less publicized war between Obama and Hillary, the title of “Best Looking Campaign Shirt.”

hillary clinton barack obama

The My Fashion Life and PSFK blogs note the existence of two limited-edition shirts being sold with the faces of the two Democratic nominee hopefuls: Barack Obama gets a striking graphic treatment by famed graffiti artist Shepard “Obey” Fairey and Hillary Clinton has fashion world darling, Marc Jacobs, in her corner with a photo-realistic black and white illustrated tee.

The Obama-endorsed design can be bought online for $25, proceeds to toward “creating more campaign t-shirts, posters, and stickers by other artists in support of Obama’s bid for President.” The Clinton shirt can be found at Marc by Marc Jacobs retail stores for the low-low price of $35 (Jacobs’ previous Clinton tee in 2004 sold for $55-$60), proceeds go directly toward Clinton’s campaign.

I gotta say, I’m kinda impartial to the Clinton illustration…but either of these fashionable items will go great with my Gore/Lieberman 2000 pins.

So Meta It Hurts: Musto as Lohan as Monroe

DO NOT WANT! Legendary Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto has topped Lindsay Lohan by going meta to the 3rd degree. For the latest issue of the VV, he’s gone and done a photoshoot of himself as Lindsay AS Marilyn Monroe.

A publicity stunt on top of a publicity stunt? Can you handle it? I will have to draw the line once Seth Green does a shoot as Michael Musto as Lindsay as Marilyn, I guess.

musto lohan

Is it sad that Musto kinda looks more fierce than Lohan?

Old Navy Commercial Makes My Brain Hurt, In February

Ok, so has anyone been going absolutely OUT OF THEIR MINDS since Old Navy started airing those ridiculously ANNOYING ads for their spring fashions? You know, the one that has some winsome-sounding girl singing about how her “arms get cold, in February”?

These commercials are so cloying that I end up screaming at them the whole time, shouting, “MAYBE YOUR ARMS ARE GETTING COLD BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL WEARING FREAKING SHORT-SLEEVE AND SLEEVELESS SHIRTS!” since all the models in the ad are prancing around in such said clothing. Not a g-ddamn long sleeve amongst them!

But the most grating thing about the commercial has GOT to be the song. But who, dear reader, has manifested the annoying spirit of Blossom‘s Six LeMeure into musical form?
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Ryan Adams Wants His Fashion, Damnit!

Ryan just posted a new video 4 hours ago telling the tale of being “cock-blocked by a ghost”–aka, removed from a Fashion Week show guest list by an unnamed person from his past. In the video he sings a song threatening the person who caused his anguish tonight by basically vowing to get them blocked out of as many parties as he can and repeating over and over, “New York City ain’t yours, baby.”

Hmmmm…. what’s your best guess about who was the soul responsible for banning Ryan from carousing with models?
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Paul Dano: Pictures of an Emerging Hottie?

Woah, this came out of nowhere! You’ve seen him play a moody, mute teen in Little Miss Sunshine, you saw him play a geeky nerd in The Girl Next Door, and you saw him play a religious fanatic in There Will Be Blood. But are you ready to see Paul Dano play HOTTIE? Behold–new pictures of him in the newest issue of GQ in which he stars in a pictorial, “So You Wanna Be a Rock + Roll Star?”.

If you remember from last year’s profile of Paul’s band, Mook, you know the Dano loves to make the music, but who knew that he’d look so great as a rock ‘n’ roller? His tall lanky frame looks fantastic in the designer duds, and his natural hair color is totally working for him.

Check out these photos. Hottie or nottie? Very cute IMHO:

Paul Dano dressing up as Jack White:

paul dano jack white gq
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