Fashion’s Night Out, Dumpster Diving, and Bookwormish Cats

Some scenes from my trip home after work today…

This cat was nose-deep in a novel:

A design firm or fancy apartment dweller ditched some graphic design and architectural magazines and books. Some fashionable passersby did some elegant dumpster diving:

Stopped by Opening Ceremony on Howard Street to check out the Fashion’s Night Out festivities:
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St. Vincent Covers Tom Petty and SMB for Rachel Comey

The fashionable St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) performed a few acoustic numbers for hot designer Rachel Comey‘s Fashion Week show today.

According to Spinner, Annie performed instrumental versions of her own songs (“The Stranger”) as well as tracks by the Steve Miller Band and then followed up with a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’,” and Randy Newman’s “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

Check out these videos of the performance by Teen Vogue:

“The Stranger”:

“Free Fallin'”

Even more info at Stylecaster.

Julian Casablancas Plays Two Dates In Japan

julian_casablancas_pressOn the 30th of August a ginormous 50,000 square foot Opening Ceremony store will open in the Shibuya section of Tokyo, Japan.

This store marks the largest retail space Opening Ceremony has opened, making its properties in New York (2,500 sq ft.) and Los Angeles (10,000 sq ft.) seem dwarfish in comparison.

Founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have spared no expense to make the celebratory party for their new endeavor a hit, going so far as to hire Julian Casablancas to perform songs off his forthcoming solo album for the VIP party at the space on the 29th.

The duo have also tapped another hip New York resource — Other Music — to supply the store soundtrack to be played during operating hours. OM has been the steady supplier of curated play lists for the LA arm of the brand for the last few years.

While in Asia, Julian will also perform at the Duo Music Exchange in Tokyo (also in the Shibuya district) on August 31st, making it his first public concert as a solo artist. The concert will begin at 7:00pm. Tickets are 4,500JPY and there is a one drink minimum.

UPDATE: Word from Julian’s rep — the Duo Music Exchange show will in fact be his first public concert as a solo artist. Inquiries to Julian’s reps were left unanswered at press time, but this seems to be the real deal.

Asian Hair: Hints, Tips, and What You Need to Know

NOTE: I originally had this article on a site that I was toying with that is no longer in existence. However, I thought the tips in the story were valuable so I’m porting it over onto TMA, even though it has nothing to do with music or pop culture really. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

If you’re anything like me, over the years you’ve probably had your fair share of awful haircuts at the hands of stylists who did not know how to cut Asian hair*. One too many traumatic experiences scared me silly from doing anything too adventurous with my hair for quite some time. I basically kept my hair long and straight (with various side bang/straight bang/no bang variations), not necessarily because I preferred that hairstyle, but because I was afraid to try anything else.

Part of that fear was my lack of understanding about Asian hair, caused by a lack of available information on the topic in magazines and the internet. Try Googling “asian hair” and you’ll get some random message board postings and antiquated articles citing no-name stylists on the topic. Sad, right? So I decided to get in contact with the folks at the Sassoon Salon (formerly known as the Vidal Sassoon Salon), world-famous for being the “Harvard of hairdressing,” to get the low-down on Asian hair from a bona fide expert.

Yuka Tsurumi is the Assistant Creative Director at the Sassoon Salon Uptown in New York City, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. While her credentials with the venerable salon are somewhat intimidating, Yuka herself is the antithesis of stodgy. Petite, with short electric pink hair, and a penchant for dressing in a mishmash of bold patterns, Yuka is upbeat and affable–and exactly the kind of woman from whom I would want to take styling advice.

Here’s some valuable info for you Asian-haired ladies out there:

Q: Are there some general characteristics that can be attributed with Asian hair?
A: Many Asians tend to have straighter and courser hair. Many people think that Asian hair is really straight, but not everybody has totally straight hair–they might have a kink to it. Even though Asians may have straighter hair, they often have a stronger, upward hair growth. For example, many Asian clients have strong hair growth in the hairline, so if you’re not careful and you cut too short, the hair might jump out in more of a cowlick.
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Albert Hammond Jr. and Agyness Deyn Call It Quits

Ok, ladies. So we lost newly married Ryan Adams, but it looks like the dating world has gained back another New York-based musician.

According to New York Magazine‘s Jada Yuan, the romance between Albert Hammond Jr. and model Agyness Deyn has officially ended.

The couple in happier, more photoshoot-y times.

Yuan reports that it was soon after posing for a Valentine’s Day Vogue pictorial that they started drifting apart.

According to the article the two remain friends.


VIDEO: Beth Ditto Stage Diving In Her Underwear at Fendi Party

Love cover girl Beth Ditto of The Gossip was recently profiled in the New York Times as she traipsed around Paris Fashion Week.

She was flown over and housed in a swanky Parisian hotel by the Italian leather goods company Fendi in exchange for performing “a ‘secret’ hourlong set for the invited elite at a club appropriately known as the VIP Room,” according to the Times.

The fearless fashionista, who has taken to wearing designer duds by fashion world darlings like Jeremy Scott, has recently been deluged with fashion invites as a result of her daring nude Love cover and has quickly made friends with some bold faced names like fellow rebel Kate Moss, who was at The Gossip’s Fendi gig alongside boyfriend Jamie Hince of The Kills.

At the Fendi party, Beth sang a selection of new songs as she stripped down to a dazzling pair of sequined bra and undies. “In a final act of defiance,” reports the Wall Street Journal, “she dived off stage onto several members of the audience.”

Check out video of Beth’s stage dive and crowd surfing below. No, the girl Beth pulled up from the crowd wasn’t Kate Moss (it’s actually a young member of the Fendi clan), but you can see Kate help Beth up toward the end:

More video:

Thanks to HT for the head’s up.

Beth Ditto Goes Nude for LOVE Magazine

New magazine LOVE has gone bold with the cover of their very first issue. The newborn glossy, created by POP magazine’s Katie Grand, has put a striking photograph of a very nude Beth Ditto right on the cover of its “Icons of a Generation” issue.

The Gossip singer, who has previously done a new cover for lesbian erotica mag On Our Backs as well as indie Anglophile erotic music mag NME, is depicted with fiery red hair as she gazes down toward her nether regions, which are covered by a big pink ruffle thing.


What’dya think? Bigger is better? I for one am inspired by Ditto’s fierce style.

SOURCE: Fashionologie via NY Mag

Agyness Deyn and Albert Hammond Jr. Pose for Vogue

In honor of Valentine’s Day (tomorrow), I present you a story that has been out for a little bit, but will perhaps inspire some romanticism in your life… Recently Albert Hammond Jr. and his lady love, model Agyness Deyn, posed for a fashion spread in Vogue magazine (you know, like you do).

Check out some of the glamorous pictures below:




For those that are a little less inclined to appreciate the gooey nature of the spread, a bit of conflicting news. Although it is stated in the Vogue piece that Al and Aggy are engaged, a more recent NY Magazine interview with Agyness reveals something a bit different.
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