Models, Designers, and Whatever Sienna Miller Is

I’m sure by now you’ve heard/read that Kate Moss has a Virgin Mobile commercial that’s airing on British TV. Well here it is. Kinda not as funny as I thought it was going to be. 🙁 I love Kate’s voice though. So much girlier and cute than I expected. But check it out, she’s using a Razr…which is the phone I just got myself.

DOWNLOAD: “Kate Moss Contract” aka Kate Moss’s Virgin Mobile Commercial

On a fashion related note, Daniel Franco finally got kicked of “Project Runway“…again. He seems like a sweet guy, but if I had to sit through another week of him scrambling to finish an outfit I would seriously vomit all over myself. I kinda knew it had to be him b/c I remember seeing Santino at the BR challenge. Santino = This year’s Wendy Pepper meets Kara Saun? As in totally bitchy but talented?

More in fashion, the January 2006 issue of US Vogue has decided that
Americans give a crap about Sienna Miller doing her best Edie Sedgwick impression (she’s currently filming Factory Girl) and put her on the cover. Yes, because those trailers for Casanova looked…awesome as in awesomely bad (sorry Heath). I’ve only ever seen her in Alfie, and even then I only remember her boobs. Can Sienna act her way out of a paper bag? Link from ONTD.

The Modern Age’s 2005 Gift Guide for Hipsters

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been going crazy over few week trying to thinking of presents for the holidays. Here are some cute/ cool/ amusing ideas I came across. Note: Buy soon! Most merchants are requiring purchases be made in the next few days in order to receive your merchandise by December 23rd.

For your favorite Stroke

Get a hysterical “High-Top Holiday Stockingpad” from the New York City Library gift shop. Here’s their description: “For the sneaker set, the High-Top Holiday Stocking. It’s handmade of cotton and denim, with a jingle bell sewn into the white taffeta lining, has a navy blue velvet backing, and measures about 7 1/2″ x 19″.”

For your friend who totally thinks it’s still 2002

I recommend The Hives “Tussles in Brussels” DVD. Yah, I too can hardly believe that The Hives have a DVD out as well. Seriously, when was the last time you thought about them or Sahara Hotnights? 2003? Their last album didn’t make so much of an impact as their “old is new” record, Vendi Vidi Vicious, which made them English-speaking music magazine staples. But anyway, the DVD is over 2 hours of concert footage, mini documentary, and videos. And Pele and his brother are pretty sweet on the eyes as per usual.

For your friend who pushes papers around all day long…and hates it

What could possibly say “I feel your corporate job pain” more than a lovely member of The Cubes. Yes, it’s the action figure for the common man. You can choose from an assortment of cube-dwellers who come complete with their own little plastic cubicle. If you’re feeling like spending a little extra dough, shell out for the water cooler station and/or the copy room.

For your adorable Japanese girlfriend who wants to be in a punk band.

Time to break out the Kitty, as in Hello Kitty. Uh huh, such a thing as the Hello Kitty Stratocaster and Badtz-Maru Bass exists and they are both made by Fender. What girly-girl could resist such a cute cute cute musical instrument? She will not be able to–and if you’re lucky, you could be her first groupie.

For the friend who thinks he’s Chris Martin/ Bono/ Bob Geldof

Your friend doesn’t appreciate such worldy, material gifts like the other items listed here. He’s all about feeding the hungry and helping the poor. If he were famous, he’d be making political statments just like his heros. Avoid getting lectured about starving children in Cambodia and give him the gift of Oxfam.

For your angry, tortured teenage sister or your boyfriend/girlfriend who you met at Warped Tour

Ohmigod! When I first heard about these My Chemical Romance “action figures” I thought it was totally ridiculous. But then I thought about it and realized that I secretly wanted one. I even found myself calling up Spencer Gifts on Long Island trying to locate a set, but sadly the woman didn’t even know what My Chemical Romance was. Maybe if I get up enough courage I’ll start scouting out my local Hot Topic for these hotter than hot items.

For your anglophile music friend who won’t shut up about bands with obscure-sounding names

Your favorite snobby music geek will absolutely LOVE this British Sea Power mug that lead singer Yan has personally given the “thumbs up” to. Check out his description of the drinking vessel: “I really like drinking tea, and these mugs are great. They handle Yorkshire Gold and Russian Caravan with ease, and are equally capable of driving home subtler flavours such as Linden blossom or Sage. Definitely a high performance mug.” Thanks to Vince for the idea.

For the biggest computer geek you know

What could be more perfect for your Halo-gaming geeky friend than a 500G LEGO-like hard drive? Nothing. Their made to be stacked, so beware–you may soon see your friend building computer castles made of these colorful little blocks.

For your tree-hugging, vegan, yoga- and meditation-practicing aunt/uncle

Your crunchy aunt or uncle will love this cute little loose tea kit made by Adagio that includes a microwavable, cup-shaped filter. The tea selections were picked out by Kevin Rose of Digg Nation podcasting fame. Best part is the set is only $20!

Stay tuned…maybe more to come if I finish my own shopping!

Who Wants to Work for Plum Sykes?

I didn’t get the memo. According to The New York Times Mondays are the new Thursdays. That’s it- next semester I’m making Wednesdays the new Mondays.

Today in French class, we had to make up an imaginary French holiday to write back to our American friend who wrote about Thanksgiving. I made up “Parisienuvus.” It’s a holiday that occurs on 1 December every year. The Parisiens dress all in black, smoke cigarrettes all day long at the cafe as they sip coffee. How is this different than any other day in Paris, you may ask? Well, on Parisienuvus they also hit Americans with baguettes. Repeatedly… and effectively. It’s kind of like when you have a pinata at your birthday party- same idea.

As sad as it might seem, Toby Young still amuses me.

My professor just e-mailed me with a forward for a job description to work for Plum Sykes. I’m laughing so hard I don’t know what to do. In the body of the text, there is an address, which I believe to be Plum’s actual HOME address… and then her e-mail address. I’m really tempted to apply. It would just be too hilarious.

But after working at several fashion-heavy publications and just hearing about Conde Nasty from other interns and in the gossips I’m leery to become a part of that whole fashion scene again. I’ve been there. Done that. And god, are those people shallow and vacuous! All about the parties and the free gifts and the yadda yadda yadda.

And Plum Sykes! Dear lord. Just the idea of having to work with one of the most well-known fashion socialites is enough to make me vomit. It’d be intense. I’ll sleep on it. Maybe I could be the next Toby Young!