Vanity Fair Goes Bottoms Up

Is this Vanity Fair cover really necessary? Tom Ford, Kiera Knightley, and Scarlett Johansson look like weird, blue-toned mutants in this photo. They all look like they’ve been Photoshopped within an inch of their lives. Kiera and Scarlett look particularly pasty, and Scarlett’s body looks kinda pear-shaped. And why the hell does Tom Ford get to be guest art director of Vanity Fair? And why the hell does he get to be on the cover? Oh yeah, I’m sure it was because Rachel McAdams backed out…

McAdams must be patting herself on the back for storming out of that photo shoot when she found out Tom Ford’s pervy “vision” was to have everyone pose completely nude. As a woman of 29, she knew better than to bare it all with two questionably talented starlets. She was even so pissed off that she canned her publicist. Do not mess with McAdams–she will f-ck your sh-t UP!

In other gross story from this VF issue, it was reported that Ford insisted that the VF fashion department pull “really grown-up clothes” (aka: skin-baring dresses and platform high heels) for child star Dakota Fanning, currently 12 years old.

Looks like Tom Ford belongs in the offensive misogynistic gay guy club with Issac Mizrahi. I can’t believe Scarlett fell for both their tricks!

tom ford VF

Meg White Sports “Disco Boobs” in Marc Jacobs Ad

I finally got my first look at the Meg White photos for Marc Jacobs‘s Spring 2006 ad campaign and all I can say is “holy disco boobs, Batman!” The photo that appears in the new issue of New York magazine shows Ms. Meg standing in a dark, wooden area, with her arms crossed over her waist and a look of mild fear/ boredom/ sadness in her face. Meg is wearing the “smoked sequined dress” in black with a multicolored reflective sparkle to it (photo of Gemma Ward wearing the dress in the Spring 2006 fashion show), which makes her bosom look like a pair of disco balls. Her long black hair has been lightly curled, and flows over her shoulders. I can’t wait to see the rest of the campaign!

UPDATE: Jeez louise! I don’t post the photo right away and I get burned at the stake. You folks sure are demanding. Here’s the damn picture you crazy people:

meg white for marc jacobs

Alison Mosshart and Dave Gahan Faces for J.Lindeberg

Check it out, it’s Alison Mosshart from The Kills and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode making pretty for the camera…all for the Spring/Summer 2006 J. Lindeberg campaign. Dave looks ridiculously sexy for a man of his age and Alison looks great in the one photo with her wearing the vest, but there’s an unfortunate picture of her looking like a drowned rat while being made to wear the denim equivalent of “jam shorts.”

Also, someone please give her a sandwich. The girl can’t live on cigarettes and alcohol alone, can she? Her glamourous thinnest of the thin look is certainly a far cry from her days in the punk band Discount (see below).


Dave Gahan for J. Lindeberg

Alison Mosshard for J. Lindeberg


The Cobra Snake Merchandising

Now would be a good time for anyone with a weak stomach to STOP READING THIS POST.

Call it the return of the technicolor blog tshirts, or Revenge of the Pink Is the New Blog Tees but Mark of has taken it upon himself to make sea green and hot pink t-shirts of himself wearing a striped bikini. They are very much in the same style as the t-shirts David “Whirlwind Heat” Swanson designed for Terry Richardson.

He’s selling it for $25 plus S+H. (Which stands for “Sh-ts and Hugs”…I think.) Don’t have the Hamiltons to drop? Don’t worry, he’s also hawking buttons and stickers.

Now is it just me or do you also think that American Apparel should probably be all over this crap?

Cobra Snake tshirts

Your Challenge: Who Wins Project Cuties?

Aruuughh! I’m a little angry about this. Apparently the British have launched their spin-off of Heidi Klum’s “Project Runway” on Sky TV by having Liz Hurley host it and calling it “Project Catwalk.” (Her tagline is “I’m really sorry but fashion has no mercy.” Hah!)

But upon looking at the pictures I noticed there was just the cutest guy on the British version. IMHO, he makes Daniel V look like dog food. What do you think? Who’s cuter? Danny V or Un-named Cute British Dude? It’s like young Richard Ashcroft vs. the singer from The Thrills.

Oh and also, did you know there’s a freaking “Project Runway” magazine? Uh HUH.

Project Cuties

Angelina for St. John

In case you didn’t know, Angelina Jolie is the new face for St. John. Below is the evidence. She sure looks a lot different than she does at the moment, seeing as how she’s working on her new job of being Brad Pitt’s baby’s mama. But back to the modeling, believe it or not, I kinda miss seeing Kelly Gray. Her yearly campaign ads were like an Archie comic book, a little bit different, but comfortingly the same. Link from ONTD.

Angelina for St. John

Daniel V and Andrae’s Dress Onsale

Now’s your chance to get a piece of Daniel “I’m so cute in an art school way” V and Andrae from “Project Runway“. As the winners of the Banana Republic challenge, their design is now for sale on the store for $268.00. You could also get the actual dress they worked on at the Project Runway Auction–current bidding is at $225.00.

I was actually one of those people who voted at the design challenge. Who did I cast my ballot for? The black and white dress by Zulema and Kara.  Apparently you can see me peeping over Tim Gunn‘s shoulder during the segment. Hah!

Now that Meg’s a Model, Will Karen Be Forced to Take Up the Drums?

It seems as though you’ll soon be able to see Meg White‘s mug starring back at you from a fashion magazine as Meg is the face of an upcoming campaign by designer Marc Jacobs. From Vogue UK via Candy Cane Children:

“There are all sorts of people I’d like to work with,” he [Marc Jacobs] says, having booked Meg White of The White Stripes to appear in the latest campaign for his own line, shot by Juergen Teller. “But the stars–and I don’t mean celebrities–all have to be in line…when everything else just gels.”