Awesome Shiny Crap I Bought/Wore Today

I want to take this post to say, “I’m sorry Peter for stealing your style, but I had to do it. The shoes were too hot not to.”

Yup, I simply had to get myself a pair of the slammin gold metalic sneakers made by Converse. I know they look silver, but according to the box they are gold. I love them so much.

gold converse
Speaking of bling, check out this photo of my nameplate from 5th grade that I wear from time to time because I don’t have any cool jewlery. My friend Melissa had an awesome sword necklace at the Editors show, but I’ve already forgotten where she got it from. My memory is the worst sometimes.

UPDATE: Melissa wrote in with the website where to score the sword necklace I mentioned:

laura nameplate

My nameplate reminded me of another text-based necklace…the “AVAILABLE” necklace by Lee Riot (aka Steven Shein) that I was totally obsessed with for 15 minutes in 2004. Well seeing it again, and available online has made me once again think about purchasing the item…but it’s still totally tacky, isn’t it? 65 bucks for a piece of plastic that I might run the risk of never having the stomach to wear? Thoughts?

Check out Chris Urbanowicz’s Top 10

The Editors are playing a sold out Webster Hall show tomorrow night, but you don’t have to wait until mañana to get your Editors fix. Check out the top 10 style and pop culture items chosen by Chris Urbanowicz (aka- the one who likes striped shirts), their bassist guitarist (oops), on

He likes vintage watches, Rickenbackers, and Fish Fingers moulding wax.

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The Kids at ONTD Will Be Psyched to Here “Peengate” Said On Air

Yup, I said it…I used the term “Peengate” while talking about Fall Out Boy on Jo Whiley‘s show Tuesday morning. You can listen to the broadcast over at the Radio 1 site. Click on “Tuesday” and you should hear me talking about dodgeball, bling rings, Arctic Monkeys, and “Peengate” an hour and 40 minutes into the broadcast.

Also, anyone interested in the site I mentioned when talking about costume jewlery, head over to The Carrot Box.

For more info on dodgeball in NYC, head over to ZogSports.

LISTEN: Me talking about Pete Wentz’s “Little Pete” Photos on Jo Whiley

Project Catwalk Gets a Winner

I just happened to think to find out who won Project Catwalk. Since I get burned CDs of the episodes from KF, I don’t really know when the show airs, so I’m a bit behind on this stuff. I haven’t seen the actual last two episodes yet, but now that I know who won, I really want to see it for myself. As you may already know, Mr. Matthew B (of “Project Cuties” fame) was one of the finalists.

But did he win? The spoiler after the jump…

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Catch Me on Radio 1’s OneClick Magazine

I wish I’d been able to post this earlier, but Death Flu 2006 had me away from my beloved computer for the last 5 days or so…but better late than never, right? I’m here to tell you to be sure to check out my friend Imran Ahmed’s weekly radio show, OneClick Magazine, on BBC Radio 1 right here.

You should listen to every episode because Imran is awesome, but the special treat this week is that you can hear me talking with Imran about very important and newsworthy topics like skull & crossbones, Kidz Bop, and

It was recorded last week, so try this drinking game: Every time you can hear a sound that signals the imminent decline of my health in the broadcast, do a shot.

Go about 15 minutes into the broadcast, and there I’ll be. You can listen to the show through March 21. Be sure to note how I laugh at myself for actually saying “My Humps” on the radio.

STREAMING AUDIO: OneClick Magazine on BBC Radio 1

MM on the Radio

Hi all. I’m not very keen on self-promotion, but I just can’t help and be proud of this one.

Now until next Tuesday you can listen to streaming audio of me on Jo Whiley’s show from yesterday (2/21) right on the BBC Radio 1 Web site! Click on the “Tuesday” audio link and you’re set.

If you skip to about 1 hour and 40 minutes in you should hear me gabbing away about things like the NYC snow storm, MisShapes, The Editors, NY fashion week, and (of course) Karen Elson and Meg White. Or you can catch some great music by listening to the entire broadcast.

AAaannnddd, you can also listen to Monday’s broadcast which features Jack Johnson singing “My Doorbell” by the White Stripes in the Live Lounge.

In honor of me talking about Meg on the radio, how about I post one of the most recently revealed images of Meg’s Marc Jacobs campaign? Posted by SilverStar on Candy Cane Children via ONTD, I present Miss Meg with funny frames and a latchkey-kid look:

meg white marc jacobs glasses

America’s Next Top…Model? Really?

I litterally gasped when I saw this picture taken at the Edun launch party! Lydia Hearst-Shaw (left) looks delightful, but what has happened to the most recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole? The ratty bangs covering her face are not doing much for her…uh…look. What would Nik think of this? Aw hell, she’s probably still laughing it up with Lil’ Jon.

edun nicole ANTM


Karl Lagerfeld on Charlie Rose

Ok I just watched almost an hour of Charlie Rose asking designer Karl Lagerfeld and New York magazine (which BTW has the most stunning print and Web site redesign) fashion editor, Harriet Mays Powell, stupid questions. The entire 60 minutes went something like this:

CHARLIE ROSE: So tell me Karl, where do you see your place in the world of fashion?

KARL LAGERFELD: I do not think about these things.

CR: Karl, what is your greatest achievement?

KL: I do not think about things like that.

CR: So Karl, what message do you want people to take away with them after viewing your new collection?

KL: I do not think about things that way.

However, there was one shining moment when Charlie Rose got all US Weekly on everyone by asking the most out of left field question I’ve ever witnessed on the show:

CR: Karl, I heard you said something bad about Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan, is this true?

[Karl Lagerfeld looks at Harriet Mays Powell with a perplexed look]

[HMP looks at Charlie Rose suspiciously]

HMP: No!

KL: No!

CR: Ahh, I just read it somewhere.

What the HELL is Charlie Rose talking about? Charlie is officially on crack. You really gotta feel for the poor intern or research assistant who has to put together the cards Charlie reads from during interviews. One might suspect that when he’s reading the questions out loud to the guest, that’s the first time he’s actually looked at the information on the cards.

Anyway, Lagerfeld is really into technology, so you can catch the video of the Fall 2006 collection shown in NYC as a video podcast (iTunes required). How cool is that?

Your Prediction: Who Made It to the Project Runway Final Three?

Now that the Project Runway final four have showed at New York Fashion Week, who do you think has made it to the final three? (As you may know, one of the kicked-off designers shows their collection as a decoy in order to conceal the identity of the final three since that episode hasn’t aired yet.)


chloe project runway show

chloe project runway show


santino project runway fashion show

santino project runway fashion show


kara janx project runway fashion show


daniel v project runway fashion show

daniel v project runway fashion show

Right off the bat I loved Chloe‘s stuff. There were some stunning pieces in there. I especially loved the gold mini-dress with jacket. I was also really shocked that Santino‘s collection was really subdued–aka, not looking like a Spin Art project. But in order to give his collection the full control-freak Santino spin, he actually sang and produced his own song for his runway collection. Oh if only it had been a full-length version of Timtino doing “Closer”!

However, Kara has got to give up the multi-colored wooley hats, and what the FUNBAG was up with Daniel V’s collection???!?! I really loved some of the pieces Daniel has done for the show so far, but his collection was so snooze bar! The colors were so muted, and besides the white jacket with beautiful collar (which totally reminded me of that gorgeous white Gucci coat from 2003), it seemed like he was totally coasting. Not to mention the resurfacing of the boob-shelf vest that he made poor Chloe wear for the makeover challenge.

Could Daniel’s poor showing be an indicator that he didn’t make it to the final three? Or do you think the un-Santino-like collection is a clear sign that Santino is “aouuuttt?


Does Heidi Klum have no love for last season’s winner Jay? And why is she getting snippy about getting snippy? More after the jump.

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Preggy Karen Elson Walks Marc Jacobs Show

Ok, I’m getting sick of posting about the White Stripes and Marc Jacobs! But here’s one more…Jack‘s wife, model Karen Elson opened up the Fall 2006 Marc Jacobs fashion show wearing a moss-green shirt/dress/cape thing, which covered up what one would assume is her swelling belly. The belly that is housing what will be known as the palest child ever born. Here are some photos:

Karen Elson walks Marc Jacobs

Karen Elson walks Marc Jacobs

UPDATE: Someone sent me this photo of Karen E. hanging out with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s Karen O. at the after party. Two times the Karen, two times the fun!

Karen Elson and Karen O at Marc Jacobs