Happy Birthday Melody Nelson!

Wishing Miss Audrey “Melody Nelson a very happy birthday! We love you so much that we ventured outdoors and risked our pasty complexions to celebrate your special day. I struggled with the concept of shooting in the DAYLIGHT. (Seriously, is this how most normal people see the world?) Holy cow! We cheered when your new song with Die Romantik, “Elisa”, was first spun. Here’s to you, kid!

DOWNLOAD: “Elisa” by Die Romantik (featuring Melody Nelson)

Check out how STUNNING Audrey looked! If “foxy” was a six letter word, it would be spelt “A-U-D-R-E-Y” …And check out how retardedly beautiful/hot/cute the other party-goers were–you kids are so pretty, I do declare, you give me the vapors.

adam and audrey

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Crib Notes for My One Click Apperance

Hey all-

For anyone who listened to the broadcast of Imran Ahmed’s One Click Magazine program on BBC Radio 1 and heard me talking about Jack White, Wonder Showzen, MySpace sluts, and Second Life. (You can listen to the broadcast until May 2nd right here.)

Here’s your guide to where to find more information on the things I talked about with Imran.

WATCH: Jack White’s Coca-Cola commercial

YELL AT EACH OTHER: My post about Jack White’s Coke commercial 

OFFICIAL SITE: Wonder Showzen

WIKI: Zig and Zag

VIEW: MediaBistro’s MySpace slut thread, Tila Tequila’s MySpace profile, Tila Tequila’s Official Web site (NSFW)

GET A NEW LIFE: Second Life

LISTEN: To me talking about all of the above on OneClick Magazine

The Kids at ONTD Will Be Psyched to Here “Peengate” Said On Air

Yup, I said it…I used the term “Peengate” while talking about Fall Out Boy on Jo Whiley‘s show Tuesday morning. You can listen to the broadcast over at the Radio 1 site. Click on “Tuesday” and you should hear me talking about dodgeball, bling rings, Arctic Monkeys, and “Peengate” an hour and 40 minutes into the broadcast.

Also, anyone interested in the site I mentioned when talking about costume jewlery, head over to The Carrot Box.

For more info on dodgeball in NYC, head over to ZogSports.

LISTEN: Me talking about Pete Wentz’s “Little Pete” Photos on Jo Whiley

Catch Me on Radio 1’s OneClick Magazine

I wish I’d been able to post this earlier, but Death Flu 2006 had me away from my beloved computer for the last 5 days or so…but better late than never, right? I’m here to tell you to be sure to check out my friend Imran Ahmed’s weekly radio show, OneClick Magazine, on BBC Radio 1 right here.

You should listen to every episode because Imran is awesome, but the special treat this week is that you can hear me talking with Imran about very important and newsworthy topics like skull & crossbones, Kidz Bop, and YouTube.com.

It was recorded last week, so try this drinking game: Every time you can hear a sound that signals the imminent decline of my health in the broadcast, do a shot.

Go about 15 minutes into the broadcast, and there I’ll be. You can listen to the show through March 21. Be sure to note how I laugh at myself for actually saying “My Humps” on the radio.

STREAMING AUDIO: OneClick Magazine on BBC Radio 1

Celebrity Spin

Check out the Village Voice cover story about “celebrity djs” written by Ms. Tricia Romano. She explores the world of rock star picking up extra cash, keeping themselves occupied from hookers and blow, and much more. My favorite thing about this article is that it concentrates on whether or not some of these rockers are “djs” as opposed to figuring out if some of these musicians are “celebrities.”

village voice celebrity spin

Actually, speaking of DJs, check out this video of DFA-family member The Juan Maclean doing a live DJ set last week in Seattle:

WATCH: The Juan Maclean performing in Seattle

Have You Always Wanted to be a Miami DJ?

Does sipping mojitos by the poolside with a bevvy of beautiful (and scantilly-clad) lady friends sound like your idea of a good time? Or what about getting a spray tan in order to wear your new white Versace jumpsuit complete with 2 pounds of gold chains? And you also get to subject hundreds of helpless party goers to your very own musical DJ stylings? Are you pumped? If so, then congratulations–here’s your chance, courtesy of the Village Voice:


Think you have what it takes to spin live at the 2006 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida?

Win a chance to spin live at Ultra8 with the Village Voice.

Send your mixed CD to The Village Voice c/o Ultra DJ Spin Off Contest by February 17, 2006 and the DJ with the most creative and innovative mix will receive:

-Roundtrip airfare to Miami, FL plus two nights hotel stay

-Entry into the 2006 Ultra Music Festival Saturday, March 25th at Bicentennial Park in Miami, FL.

-One DJ will be selected to spin a minimum of a 30 minute set at the Festival on March 25th

For full contest rules please click here.

Mylo’s US Tour Canceled Due to Virus

Woah! This is NUTS. Hot off the PR press:

Mylo has been forced to cancel his forthcoming dates in the U.S. due to a hearing condition.

Having contracted a virus over the Christmas period which has caused him temporary hearing loss, Mylo had been advised to cancel live shows in Japan and Australia at the start of the year. He had hoped that his condition would recover sufficiently to allow him to perform live shows in the U.S., unfortunately his recovery is very slow and no real progress has been made. As he has been recommended to completely recover he has been advised by his doctor not to commit to anything further at least until the end of February.  Mylo deeply regrets having to cancel the dates.

However, even though Mylo will not be able to tour the U.S. as planned, his new release Destroy Rock & Roll will be available in the States on February 7th.

Here’s to Mylo getting better soon!