Links for 2006-01-29

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Evil’ Photoshoot La Lohan throws up some devil horns Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo Wino with Metallica James Lipton recites PopoZao on Conan O’Brien Reciting the lyrics to Kevin Federline’s "PopoZao" Designers Guild Official site of British fabric, leather goods, linens company. Tips for Women Traveling Solo We came up with the following […]

Links for 2006-01-28

Freevlog: Tutorial A step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free. Don’t Stop Two unlikely DJs, Womanmaker and Fancypants, spin hip-hop at the unlikeliest venue Here Kitty, Kitty Breakfast with over 30 years of cute A Cock & Bull Story A new film by Michael Winterbottom Web Developer’s Handbook Developing web-sites, exploring own imagination […]

Links for 2006-01-27

Paris and people Puffy and Penelope do some ad work for Sean John… Red and Black Licorice Piglets Tin Little licorice piglets Drew Barrymore No Bra SNL Drew polks fun of her no-bra Golden Globes appearance.