Links for 2006-01-29

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Evil’ Photoshoot
La Lohan throws up some devil horns

Winona Ryder and Robert Trujillo
Wino with Metallica

James Lipton recites PopoZao on Conan O’Brien
Reciting the lyrics to Kevin Federline’s "PopoZao"

Designers Guild
Official site of British fabric, leather goods, linens company.

Tips for Women Traveling Solo
We came up with the following tips, some of which will be helpful to anyone away from home.

Fiona’s Second Bite
Here, the poster girl for troubled youth tells Craig McLean about her famous ex-boyfriends, being raped and why the only love in her life now is snails

The ‘White Limousine’ from Duncan Sheik
Among his most ambitious work to date, the album is innovative in both content and design.

Playboy Seeks Hottest Girls On seeks the sexiest women of the MySpace community to pose for a nude Playboy pictorial. If you’re 18 or older and would like to appear in a professional Playboy photo shoot, send us your application.

Write On! Musings on Music Journalism
Music writing is rife with language that is as cringe-inducing as it is obtuse.
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Links for 2006-01-28

Freevlog: Tutorial
A step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free.

Don’t Stop
Two unlikely DJs, Womanmaker and Fancypants, spin hip-hop at the unlikeliest venue

Here Kitty, Kitty
Breakfast with over 30 years of cute

A Cock & Bull Story
A new film by Michael Winterbottom

Web Developer’s Handbook
Developing web-sites, exploring own imagination | CSS, Color Tools, SEO, Usability etc. Screenshots
Apple’s home pages along the years.

The seven ages of … pop
Are you ever too old to play in a band? Our unique survey of careers in the arts concludes with pop musicians

"I’m Too Smart for Optimism"
Joan Baez was a folk heroine who redefined the mainstream, a rebel who became a megastar. She talks to Emma Brockes about life, family, love – and Dylan.

Strip tease
Dan Flavin was a contrary, hard-nosed artist who wanted to make people doubt their own eyes.

Arctic Monkeys’ debut puts Oasis in the shade
Band to set new record for fastest-selling first album by selling more than 200k in first week.

Tubular spells
Dan Flavin’s stunning light pieces will not only enchant your senses, they’ll delight your mind

TextWrangler 2.0
Text Editor Gains Features, Now Free of Charge

Soderbergh Film Released Simultaneously in Theater, on DVD
Some say that kind of release is the way of the future, but theater owners are objecting.