Links for 2006-02-07

HARP Magazine
Covering the indie music scene

The "Color Me Mine" Rap

Apple rolls out 1GB Nano
Apple Computer on Tuesday introduced a lower-end, less expensive iPod Nano with 1GB capacity and lowered the price of its iPod Shuffle.

Comic rappers battle for cred
In the ’90s, the rap world became embroiled in a bitter and sometimes violent rivalry between Sean "Puffy" Combs’ New York-based Bad Boy Records and Suge Knight’s Los Angeles label, Death Row Records.

Chanel Buttons
“Pin badges,” collectible buttons from Europe bearing several variations on the Double C theme.

9 year old argues with his mother on a Xbox Live Clan Match over Chocolate Milk
There’s lots of ways to describe this video, Strange, Scary, "WTF?!!" This video is about some 9-year-old arguing with his mother about Chocolate Milk while playing Xbox Live, and forgetting to turn his Headset off.

Not So Plain JANE
The front-of-book fashion pages likewise are changed, with more dynamic product spreads and new offerings such as "The Rack," in which rock chicks style themselves from a given selection of clothes.

"Lazy River"
The Midwest Entry into the Narnia Rap Battle

Positive Attitude
The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ new album.

Rock Review – Jenny Lewis
There’s no denying that the former child actress and Rilo Kiley front woman Jenny Lewis has one of the most expressive voices in folk-pop. At the Angel Orensanz Center on the Lower East Side on Sunday, that voice was in glorious form.

Figure in JT Leroy Case Says Partner Is Culprit
A central figure in the case of the mysterious writer JT Leroy has come forward to say that no one named JT Leroy exists, and that the books published under that name were actually written by a San Francisco woman named Laura Albert.

The Sak Gets Cheeky With Chick Ads
The Sak this spring has partnered with author and artist Sloane Tanen in its spring ad campaign, which features, as well as its handbags, the fuzzy, miniature chicks that have become associated with Tanen.

Links for 2006-02-06

Monchhichi Doll
This extra-squeezable Monchhichi mini-plush is cute as can be! Furry stuffed doll with pink gingham-lined bib & pop-in baby bottle.

An emo dating site. No, this is not an elaborate joke.

Why Kids Hate to Wear Coats
For every parent who’s warned that going out in chilly weather without a coat will make you sick, there’s a kid who refuses to bundle up. But should parents worry that their coatless children are inviting in disease?

Links for 2006-02-03

Paul Smith: Soundtrack to My Life (On Shuffle)
Why the unpredictable nature of his iPod can provide a poignant personal backdrop

Mighty McPilgrim: Broke Mac Mountain
This is a very short parody of the critically acclaimed Ang Lee film Brokeback Mountain.

Teens Create their Own Space Online
The popularity of is driven by teens’ easy familiarity with technology and a desire to make friends. But the young people who use such social networking sites may not realize there are dangers as well.

Two Women’s Magazines Shift Focus to ‘Millennials’
Jane’s March cover = 1 fug picture, 2 many exclaimation points, 3 mentions of "sex". 4 WHAT REASON?

Coca-Cola Ban Goes Into Effect at New York University
NYU Senate had given the Coca-Cola Company until Dec. 8 to agree to a third-party protocol that would lead to an “independent investigation into allegations of the Coca-Cola Company’s complicity in human rights violations” in Colombia.

Brokeback to the Future
A group of students at Emerson College known as the "Chocolate Cake City" has made this spoof movie trailer of "Brokeback Mountain" and "Back to the Future".

Links for 2006-02-02

New York University Alumni
On this site, you will find links to our many benefits and services as well as information to keep you updated, connected, and informed

Kate Moss in Vogue
Ms. Moss on the cover of Vogue UK

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Valentines
These are my DREAM valentines. I love Law and Order

No Opinions? No Problem
Five foolproof tips help you fake it on message boards. Commentary by Lore Sjöberg.

Would You Buy a Used Dotcom from this Man?
With venture capital stirring again, the Mayfield Fund’s Allen Morgan says the best place to find the next big thing is in the dust of the bust.

Links for 2006-02-01

What the Motorman Saw
Half submerged in New York’s collective unconscious, alongside dirty bombs and dark-alley robberies, is the nightmare of somehow winding up in the path of an oncoming train

Anatomy of a City Terror: Falling on the Tracks
A group of doctors has examined the fate of those who ended up on the subway tracks and made it to the hospital.
PETA’s “alternative” Web site.

Maude Maggart Stars in NY cabaret revival
New York is in the midst of a cabaret revival this week and rock star Fiona Apple’s sister, Maude Maggart, is at center stage.

rundo – personal telemetry system for runners
Welcome to Rundo the revolutionary personal telemetry system for your mobile phone or PDA.

Links for 2006-01-30

Criminals Taking Tips From TV Crime Shows
Television crime dramas like "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," which give criminals helpful tips on how to cover up evidence.

Plum TV
PLUM is a startup television network focused on local television in high-end resort markets.

Hamster dance…multicolour style.

Myth of Dioxins and Plastic Water Bottles
Set the record straight on dioxins in the food supply and the risks associated with drinking water from plastic bottles and cooking with plastics.

Al Gore wows ’em at Sundance
The official Sundance Film Festival guide calls Al Gore’s documentary a ”gripping story” with ”a visually mesmerizing presentation” that is ”activist cinema at its very best.”

Get professional advice, help, stories from the New York Post.

The Iditarod is the famous long-distance race in which yelping dogs tow a sled across Alaska. Our Idiotarod is pretty much the same thing, except that instead of dogs, it’s people, instead of sleds, it’s shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it’s New York

Royal Magnet Design Co.
Design company that worked on and

STEP Inside Design
Design from the inside out

Blogging lures graphic designers out from behind the velvet curtain.

Global Warming Risks Severe
Over the next century, global warming is expected to raise ocean levels, intensify storms, spread disease to new areas and shift climate zones, possibly making farmlands drier and deserts wetter.