Anyone Else Once Totally Obsessed with “Center Stage”?

You know, Center Stage… the best movie ever after Newsies?

Well, I totally loved that movie when it came out in 2000. (Remember the dance sequence at the end of the movie?? I’ve never been able to listen to Jamiroquai w/out thinking of CS ever since then.) And even though Ethan Stiefel’s acting was like SO BAD, I was so in love with Sascha Radetsky AND this amazingly pretty girl that was also in the film, Zoe Saldana.

As you probably know, Zoe Saldana went on to make an awful movie with Britney Spears called “Crossroads” and has appeared in other films like “Vantage Point”, and “Drumline.” But there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Miss Zoe Saldana no matter what she does.

So today I mini raised the roof when I saw Miss Zoe coming out of DVF today…

None of these people over the age of 30 have any idea who she is…
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Gossip Girl Alert: Leighton Meester Hearts DVF, Blake Lively Hearts…RENT?

So I didn’t wake up today and say to myself, “Dude, you should totally be a paparazzi specializing in CW stars,” but it seems as though I ended up being one today… I just happen to spot almost all the major players in the cast of Gossip Girl! I was walking around the tent for Diane von Furstenberg at Bryant Park today and all of a sudden out the corner of my eye I saw a girl wearing yellow, and then a herd of people instantly swarming around her and her friend.

Walking closer, I recognized Miss Leighton Meester! I snapped a few photos, and then only later did I realize that the other girl accompanying her was none other than Jessica Szohr!

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Albert Hammond Jr. Breaks Out the “Como Te Llama?” at Private Show

In preparation for his tour to promote his second album, “Como Te Llama?,” Albert Hammond Jr. performed at an invite-only concert at the Mercury Lounge last night (July 1).

Luckily, the event was not overrun by media hounds.

As a supportive crowd of friends, family, and devoted fans cheered on, Albert and his new band played around thirteen tracks–a mix of old (“In Transit,” “101,” an acoustic version of “Blue Skies” played while standing on the right-hand side row of seats at the beginning of the set) and new (the album’s first single, “GfC,” “Rocket,” “Miss Myrtle”), playing live for the first time in almost a year. The set had it’s problems like consistent feedback from the microphones–which Albert stated, “you’ll be hearing a lot of that” at the top of the set”–and the wrong note (or two) strummed out on a guitar, but overall a fine showing.

My favorite song of the evening was a track of the new album, which drops July 8th, entitled “Victory at Monterey.” I love the chorus–it’s slightly dancey, but in a good way. Check out the video:

Famous faces sprinkling the crowd included actress Kirsten Dunst, AH Jr possible main squeeze Agyness Deyn, Adam Green, James Iha, and Nick Zinner. Surprisingly unseen–any members of the Strokes!

Setlist: Blue Skies, EGAS, In My Room, Lisa, Holiday, GfC, Rocket, VAM, In Transit, Miss Myrtle, G Up, 101, Borrowed Time, Postal Blowfish

Couldn’t make it to the show tonight? Have no fear–Albert will be performing for FREE at Virgin Megastore Union Square on it’s release day, July 8th at 8pm.

You Write the Caption: Jack White + Amy Winehouse + Beyonce

This photo of Amy Winehouse, Jack White (HELLO CASPER), and Beyonce Knowles watching Jay-Z’s set during Glastonbury 2008 IS THE MOST AMAZING PHOTO OF OUR TIME.

Words cannot describe, but you can give it a try.

This photo is also hysterical–Jack cannot see what’s going on because Amy Winehouse’s arm is in the way. Someone give Jack White some room!

BONUS: Who would win in a fight: Amy Winehouse, Jack White, or Beyonce?

Actress Jena Malone Sings About Blogs

I know, I know, not another young actress who thinks she can make music… but Jena Malone hs been toiling through the indie music world for quite some time, having released a 7″ single last year. Now she is one half of a performance music group called “The Shoe”, which just concluded a six stop tour of Los Angeles.

The Shoe sounds anti-folk, much like bands like the Moldy Peaches. When she’s not making music, you can catch Jena blogging about music she’s made about blogging over at IFC’s “Guest List” blog and on the Myspace.

DOWNLOAD: “Dirty Blog Ugly Word” by Bloodstained Shoe

Spielberg Cannot Choose Between James McAvoy and Ewan McGregor

Steven, I TOTALLY feel your pain on this one. Which hottie Scottie is worthy of your adaption of “Flight 103”? Continual saucy Scot Ewan, or rising new-comer James? THIS IS A TOUGH ONE.

Although I love both, I have to say, James is on a hot streak and has been doing some of his finest acting work in the recent pictures he’s been in…Ewan hasn’t had a hit in a while. But both are capable actors, although IMHO, Ewan will always be my favorite hottie Scottie. You just cannot beat Obi-Wan.


ScarJo Sings “Falling Down” by Tom Waits

Scarlett Johansson, who will be releasing an album of Tom Waits covers on May 20 has released the first song off the LP, “Falling Down.” The full album, titled “Anywhere I Lay My Head” will be sure to cause a firestorm on the blogosphere.

scarlett johansson

LISTEN: “Falling Down” on

Let’s just hope the other tracks on the album are better than this sludge. Sounds like the engineer went overboard with sonic layers in order to mask the fact that Johansson is not really an excellent troubadour. Also it kinda reminds me of Sinead O’Connor.

Me no likey.

James McAvoy <3 The Fratellis and Joy Division Biopic Star Wins a Prize

I have often been accused of having incurable Anglophilia, but IT’S JUST NOT TRUE, OK? I actually have Scotophilia, which is the obsession with Scottish people. Am I to be held negatively responsible for their hot accents?

Anyhoo, on Sunday the 2008 Empire Awards were held in London, and TMA favorite, James McAvoy won for Best Actor for Atonement. In his acceptance speech he name-checks fellow Scotsmen (who I saw in March of 2007 at Mercury Lounge), The Fratellis:

“That was The Fratellis, they’re from Scotland, they’re from Glasgow I think and that was cool. I’m truly nervous…”

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Stellastarr* Gets Coco for Jezebel James

When you watch ads for the new Fox television show starring Parker Posey, “The Return of Jezebel James“, you might recognize one of the tunes playing–“Coco” by New York band Stellastarr*.

Apparently the character that “Six Feet Under” star Lauren Ambrose plays is Parker Posey’s (Sarah) sister–a wacky, carefree spirit named “Coco”–so the marketing department went crazy with the Stellastarr* song (which some theorize is not even about a person)–at one point even going so far as to have the lyrics flash across the screen, a sing-a-long style.

Unfortunately the reviews for the show are abysmal. Oh Parker and Lauren, how I was rooting for you both!

So Meta It Hurts: Musto as Lohan as Monroe

DO NOT WANT! Legendary Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto has topped Lindsay Lohan by going meta to the 3rd degree. For the latest issue of the VV, he’s gone and done a photoshoot of himself as Lindsay AS Marilyn Monroe.

A publicity stunt on top of a publicity stunt? Can you handle it? I will have to draw the line once Seth Green does a shoot as Michael Musto as Lindsay as Marilyn, I guess.

musto lohan

Is it sad that Musto kinda looks more fierce than Lohan?