Cell Phone Drama at “There Will Be Blood”

So last night I went to see the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, There Will Be Blood, at the Union Square theater. Me and the BSB are running late, so we book it into the theater about 20 minutes before it starts. Lucky for us, they just let everyone in so we are able to get good seats.

So the movie is effing long, ok? It’s like 2 1/2 hours long, and my phone goes off RIGHT in the middle of this intense quiet scene. Yup, I was that person. But what I realized was that the movie is SO long that the theater didn’t have time to play that 30 second clip of the dancing popcorn telling you to shut your cell phone off–and since I was so rushed, I totally forgot, AND I had my phone on silent the whole day long, but I must’ve put it on ring when I was trying to locate the BSB, so I would here it if it went off. I promise you, I’m NEVER that person who leave their phone on during the movie.

there will be blood cellphone
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Revealed: Michael Pitt, Musical Superstar?




Around 4:30 PM today I got the best email ever–and email informing me that Michael Pitt‘s band Pagoda would be playing with Aloke at Pianos for the first 4 Wednesdays in June–starting today. Who knew that Michael Pitt even had a band?!?! I quickly dashed off frantic emails to anyone I thought would be remotely interested in seeing Pitt (best known for his roles in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, “Dawson’s Creek,” and the upcoming Gus Van Sant movie more than loosely based on the life of Kurt CobainLast Days) take on the dubious title of actor-slash-rock star. The prospect of being treated to a delightfully stomach-turning performance (remember Keanu Reeves in Dogstar or Russell Crowe in 30 Odd Foot of Grunts?) was an opportunity I just couldn’t refuse.

Surprisingly enough, Pagoda wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting them to be. In fact, they were actually kinda good–for a rip-off Nirvana band. Pitt was at his best when he was letting loose and passionately screaming whatever he was saying into the microphone. There were some good riffs going on, and the songs were listenable. Actually, better than just “listenable.” Some of them might have been a bit good. Being at that show was like being time warped into the early 90s in Seattle. There were people banging their heads in the front of the crowd and the bassist looked like he hadn’t changed clothes since 1992 as he wore his sleeveless tshirt and let his long blond hair flick around. Pitt sported a hole-y dark colored tee with ripped black jeans and a sea foam green Fender guitar. The drummer, apparently a dude named Ryan, had loads of friends in the audience (indicated to me by their screaming of “Ryan! Ryan!”). It was all kinds of awesome on many different levels of both good and bad taste. But perhaps I’m just being blindsided by the fact that I absolutely adore everything that Michael Pitt touches for some unexplained reason. To me, Michael Pitt is to acting as Ryan Adams is to music. I suppose if Ryan Adams decided to professionally act, I’d feel the same way about it as I do about Michael Pitt’s musical career: I love it even if it isn’t the best.

Much to the chagrin of Kiran, there were no Ryan Gossling sightings, nor were there any Asia Argento, Lukas Haas, Gus Van Sant, John Cameron Mitchell, JT Leroy spottings either. If they were there, I wasn’t clever enough to spot them. I did however remember seeing a skinny girl much like the one in this picture up front dancing her heart out.

You can find some Michael Pitt solo/Pagoda MP3s by following the links in this thread.


I Love Limeys?

6am today there was scheduling drama. I’m not sure if it’s resolved, but I sure as hell didn’t go into work today.

Oh, I forgot to mention- In the “Where is Michael Pitt” category… from Friday….Mitchell Fink (who took AGES to write back to me last month… it was very funny. You had to be there) reports on the Douglas McGrath “Nicholas Nickleby” adaption read at the New York Culture Project on Bleecker St. last Tuesday… “Michael Pitt, who is best known for his recurring role as Henry on “Dawson’s Creek,” read the Nickleby part at McGrath’s presentation. There is no production timetable as yet.” Other weirdos reading that night were: Gwyneth Paltrow, Nathan Lane, Tim Curry, Natalie,and Alan Cumming.

You know what also made me laugh today? Nick mentioning that I love limeys. I started to think about it… then I looked at all my journal entries, and I guess I *do* like them. Now I had to ask myself… “Qu’est-ce que c’est un ‘limey’?” I’ve used the word before, but I had no idea that it ONLY refers to ENGLISH people or people of English descent.

So I guess only Coldplay really counts as being limeys. Although Guy is actually Scottish, not British.. oh my god- and I totally forgot- JONNY IS WELSH!!! JON IS WELSH!!! JJ72 are Irish, The Strokes are American, Ronan Keating is Irish too, Travis is Scottish…. although Starsailor are English too…. In any case, I’m going to have to use the word more often.