Haxor to Stereogum: Sufjan Will Be the End of You

Um so someone just asked me “What happened to Stereogum?” So I headed over and saw this:

stereogum.com hacked

[Click for larger image]

For those who can’t read minus 20 point font, it says:

Hello Scott.

What happened to my site?

Your server has been compromised on a root level and has at least 3-4 different exploits installed.

WTF? By whom? Pitchfork?

Perhaps SUFJAN was a poor password.

How am I gonna post that MP3 of snippets from every song on the new Dylan album? Sounds really promising! Heavy on the R&B swing that made Love And Theft his best album in decades.

Fix your fucking blog dude.

Yikes! Burn. 🙁

UPDATE: So according to comments, Scott put up that message himself…too bad, a hacker putting it up would have been better. Sometimes the truth is less interesting than fiction. I’m too busy freaking out about Pete Wentz’s GAP ads to care either way.

Stop the Press: I’m a Blogger

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get wind of this (thanks Adam!), but here’s a BBC Radio 1 documentary titled “Stop the Press” by Imran Ahmed about the future of music journalism. Imran has it in his pretty little head that “the internet” is cool and where this generation’s hot new writing talent can be found. So misguided is he that he actually interviewed me for this, to which I agreed to giggle…a lot.

You can also hear Jason Productshop talking about being a premiere blogger and hear us plugging Scott, Dave, and Jeff.

You can download our segment below, or listen to the FULL docu over at the Radio 1 site. Imran talks to the folks at NME, Smash Hits (RIP), and Pitchfork.

DOWLOAD: Me and Jason sounding geeky in a BBC Documentary

LISTEN: “Stop the Press” by Imran Ahmed

Oh, and for the record, if I want to write about the new Blink-182 album, I’ll do so on So More Scene.

I Hope Marissa Cooper Dies a Slow and Painful Death

Earlier today I along with several other editors/ bloggers/ writer people received an email with one purpose: “Save Marissa Cooper from the OC!!!!!!!!”. No big deal, right? I don’t even watch The OC nor do I care about Mischa Barton so I didn’t even pay attention. But then I received ANOTHER email from a different person…but with the same subject line and email text. Then another. Then ANOTHER. THEN ANOTHER.

I don’t even know how many emails I received with the same lengthy email detailing out why I should care about saving this Marissa Cooper person–who I understand to be A COMPLETELY FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I’ve had to put a spam filter on “Marissa Cooper” on my email to stop myself from accidentally reading this ridiculous message over and over again.

I replied to one of the emails stating that if I read about saving Marissa Cooper one more time I was going to jump out a window and to stop sending me messages because I have no interest in the TV show. To which the reply was, “i have the power to make the emails stop… please post a mention of our campaign on ur site and the emails will stop!”. I refuse to link to the site and their cause because as an American I WILL NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.

These e-terrorists then amended their manifesto by adding that they “would like to apologize for the harassment you have received today by the spamming of the Save Marissa letter: but that in their “experience” spamming writers is “the ONLY way to get heard.”

I would like to publicly say that yes, if you spam a long list of writers and bloggers you WILL be heard. But this is what it sounds like to us:


And then we’ll end up talking about how annoyed we all are by your emails behind your backs and tell you to STOP IT because it’s just plain impolite to bomb people with emails about stuff they don’t even care about. We’ll then go on to campaign for the death penalty for Marissa Cooper and declare an assassination of Mischa Barton’s career.


My Not-So-Secret Life as a Professional Teenager

It’s not a secret that I have another web site, but I have never come out and said it on The Modern Age. I’ve been blogging on this other site for about 3 weeks. You can read the “about” section to learn the details as to why I needed another site.

It’s called So More Scene.com and all I do is talk about bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, and My Chemical Romance. If you do not have any remote interest in these bands, do NOT read my new site. And for all you loyal readers, don’t worry–TMA is still my main blog. SMS is just about me having fun!

so more scene screenshot

Rolling Stone Discovers Those Funny Little Things Called “Blogs”

So there’s this thing I keep hearing about, something called “the internet.” Then there’s this other really neat sounding thing I also keep hearing about, it’s called “blogs.” I read all about it in Rolling Stone, because they have a new “blog” on the “internet”: Rock and Roll Daily.

All kidding aside, please read it because my friend Lizzie writes a lot of the stuff on there and she’s a genius and the most beautiful rock journo you will ever meet.

Live from NYC: The Reading Festival [Canceled]

Product Shop NYC presents: THE READING FESTIVAL

reading festival nyc

featuring Chuck Klosterman, Marc Spitz, Sarah “Ultragrrrl” Lewitinn”, Andy Greenwald, Caryn Ganz, and more special guests to be announced


116 Suffolk Street (corner of Rivington)

Thursday, April 27th

7PM-9PM Event, Begins Promptly at 7PM

$5 Cover

UPDATE: Rothko will not be open tonight due to “structural problems”…this event is currently looking for a new venue.

FINAL UPDATE (Email from Product Shop NYC):

Hello –

I am very sorry to announce that tonight’s THE READING FESTIVAL has been cancelled.

Unfortunately, Rothko was shut down due to structure violations and we could not secure an alternate venue in time.

Product Shop NYC would like to thank Marc Spitz, Chuck Klosterman, Caryn Ganz, Sarah Lewitinn, and Andy Greenwald. Go buy all their fabulous books! We also want to thank our surprise music guest (whom we still are not legally allowed to reveal) for offering to play an acoustic set.

We’d especially like to thank you, the nearly 200 people who rsvp’d for the event! Stay tuned to Product Shop NYC for future kicks ass events.

Trend of the Week: Musicans Hating People on the Internet…and Each Other

Just when you thought Nick Zinner was the only guitarist that was going to stick it to his critics this week, the king of hating journos and the ‘Net has returned to upstage him. Yes, that’s right, it’s the incorrigible Jack White! Check out the hate spew posted on the WS site yesterday:

What a funny album, coming from divided critics to supposed disappointing sales, to going platinum in several countries, to making most critics top ten lists, to winning a Grammy. That’s funny, right? When that happens pitchfork has to call spin to confer on whether to ignore or make fun of it. They lose perspective, the sewer worker below their lower east side Manhattan hipster bar out smarts them every time. They all play a cowards game. The faceless opinion of print and the internet. What is it teaching all of us?

Back when there was a time when we had great writers, and respected journalists who had earned their position as tastemakers, and won peoples respect with their knowlege and insight, it was much easier to understand a written opinion because at least you knew where it was coming from.

Now those printied opinions are probably coming from the person sitting next to you on his laptop at the mall. Why should you care about their opinion? Why shouldn’t you? Who are all those people on vh1 trashing everyone? Why does a failed stand up comedian have the final word on the rubik’s cube? They are currently digging trenches for the bar to be lowered down into.

…Don’t let them bring you down, don’t let them make you consume. Remember the person’s opinion you are reading probably knows less about the topic you are interested in than you do.


If you read the whole entry, you’ll see Jack go off on Billy Childish. Why? Turns out B.C. (who has toured with the WS) had this to say about the Stripes in the most recent issue of GQ:

“I can’t listen to that stuff. They don’t have a good sound…Jack’s half into the sound and music, but then he wants to be a pop star as well, so you’ve got a big problem. You can’t pull it both ways. Someone compared us to the White Stripes and I said, ‘They’re heading to the stadium with all their might.’ We’ll play the stadium if we have to. They want the fifteen yards between them and the audience, and the big PA. It’s a different animal.”

Geez. I think everyone is cranky this week.


Welcome to Our World, Welcome to Our World of Blogs

Ohmigod! I just found out about this cool new thing. It’s called “blogging.” It’s like the hottest thing ever. I just read about it on this thing called the “internet“!

All kidding aside, I just saw this right now. New York magazine’s newest issue takes on “The Blog Establishment.” It’s a lengthy article by Clive Thompson about the “glass ceiling” of blogging, the elitism, the successes, and the frustrations. Thompson touchs on sites like Jossip, Gawker Media, Boing-Boing, etc.

The story discusses the idea that it is the first-adapters who get the lion’s share of linkage and spread it around to their friends, making it hard for up-starts to get comperable traffic. Here’s a sample:

The power law is dominant because of a quirk of human behavior: When we are asked to decide among a dizzying array of options, we do not act like dispassionate decision-makers, weighing each option on its own merits. Movie producers pick stars who have already been employed by other producers. Investors give money to entrepreneurs who are already loaded with cash. Popularity breeds popularity.

First-movers get a crucial leg up in this kind of power-law system. This is certainly true of the blogosphere. If you look at the list of the most-linked-to blogs on the top 100 as ranked by Technorati—a company that scans the blogosphere every day—many of those at the top were first-movers, the pioneers in their fields.

In scientific terms, this pattern is called “homeostasis”—the tendency of networked systems to become self-reinforcing. “It’s the same thing you see in economies—the rich-get-richer problem,” Shirky notes.

Thompson’s article also takes on a slightly jaundiced slant on Gawker Media in general. Basically calling grand puba Nick Denton a liar for saying that there’s no money to be made in blogging and instructing all his bloggers to decline interviews  (but seemed to have find no fault in them being photographed–see below) for this piece. With that in mind, can we really believe the shpeal Denton gave about blog writers like Jessica Coen only getting paid around 30k a year?

However, Thompson did get a chance to get some words from former Gawker editor Elizabeth Spiers (who just so happens to be starting her own blogging empire) who gives this brutaly honest quote about her former site of work: “You’d have be a total f-ckup to ruin that site right now. It’s got so many links, you’re just going to have a positive growth rate.”

If you still haven’t gotten a hold of the nearest sharp object to jab your eyes out (Uncle Grambo, I’m talking to you), you would have gotten far enough to see Pink Is the new Blog is mentioned in the same breath as Ultragrrrl and Thighs Wide Shut.

You will also make it to read about how the little independents don’t have much of a chance against the big organized (and monied) productions like Weblogs Inc and Gawker Media.

They also list the Top 50 blogs, do some “Meet the Bloggers” bit, and a broad timeline of “blogging.”

God I hate the words “blog” and “blogger.”

Anyone think the photographer’s instruction was: “Chin up, kids!” ?

ny magazine bloggers

ny magazine bloggers

Thoughts on the whole blogging as “rich getting richer” angle? How about the Nick Denton supressing information? Let ’em rip.

The Cobra Snake Merchandising

Now would be a good time for anyone with a weak stomach to STOP READING THIS POST.

Call it the return of the technicolor blog tshirts, or Revenge of the Pink Is the New Blog Tees but Mark of TheCobraSnake.com has taken it upon himself to make sea green and hot pink t-shirts of himself wearing a striped bikini. They are very much in the same style as the t-shirts David “Whirlwind Heat” Swanson designed for Terry Richardson.

He’s selling it for $25 plus S+H. (Which stands for “Sh-ts and Hugs”…I think.) Don’t have the Hamiltons to drop? Don’t worry, he’s also hawking buttons and stickers.

Now is it just me or do you also think that American Apparel should probably be all over this crap?

Cobra Snake tshirts

Changes for the New Year

Pardon the site’s appearance but I just switched over from Blogger to WordPress. Still getting my bearings.

The good news is that there are some great new site features: You can now find a search function at the top of the site, and I’ve also imported over all of my posts since November 2001! (Yes, that includes the infamous “slash temp” posts.) That means over 3,360 posts for you to sift through. If you do the math, it comes out to an average of over 2 posts per day for the last 4 years. Yikes! Someone get me away from the keyboard.

Can you believe that I’ve been blogging on The Modern Age for over 4 years? Woah Nelly Furtado! Thank you to everyone who has read my site over the years. Hope I’m still entertaining you.