The Modern Age Is a Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 Nominee!

Move over Arctic Monkeys, Jack Penate, Lily Allen, and Jenny Lewis! Just when you thought that this blog wasn’t about music, NME has decided to nominate this lil’ old website as one of the Best Music Blogs for the Shockwaves NME Awards 2008 MUWAHAHAHAHAH!

the modern age shockwaves nme awards 2008

Of course it’s just an honor to be nominated alongside fellow nominees: The Hype Machine, Nothing But Green Lights, Spinner, and Stereogum.


Why should you vote for me? Which other blog nominated is perpetually stuck in 2002? Which other blog is certifiably obsessed with the White Stripes and The Strokes? Which other blog is brave enough to tell the world that their cellphone ring tone is “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects? ONLY THEMODERNAGE.ORG!

Do you want to see me continue to become a power-hungry megalomaniac? You can make that happen by voting The Modern Age for Best Music Blog over at NME.COM/awardsnominees. Get your votes in by 10am (GMT aka 5am EST) on Monday February 25. According to the site, you could win VIP tickets to the ceremony, which takes place in London on February 28.

What could I do to persuade you to vote for me? KEEP IT REASONABLE!

Post Chronicle Writer Jim Brogan Artlessly Re-purposes My Article

I woke up this morning to find my blog post about this weekend’s Marty Crandall/Elyse Sewell’s mash-up in Sacramento totally re-purposed without any attribution by The Post Chronicle writer Jim Brogan. (Thanks for the notes from readers who also noticed!)

Mr. Brogan has blatantly taken my January 5th blog post–swapping in synonyms every now and then–and posted it as his own.

Some examples:


OK, so fans of ANTM Season 1 will already know a little something about Elyse Sewell. For those who don’t, Elyse was the awesome chick from the first season of ANTM who famously hated all the other b-tches in the house and was bored out of her mind talking to all the vapid airheads she was forced to live with.

She was the cool chick with the short hair and was often seen wearing Shins t-shirts, since she was the girlfriend of The Shins keyboardist, Marty Crandall.

Since being on ANTM, Elyse has successfully been working as a model, mainly in the Asian markets (because Asians like dark-haired pale, skinny white people?) and from what I can surmise from reading her LiveJournal blog every now and then, her and Marty had an intense on-off relationship for a number of years.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

Fans of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model Season 1 will know Elyse Sewell. (See YouTube videos) For those who do not, Elyse was the gal from the first season of ANTM who famously despised all the other babes in the house.

Sewell often appeared completely bored and impatient yapping with the other vapid airheads she was forced to share a dwelling with. She had short hair and could often be seen wearing Shins t-shirts.

She and Marty would go on to have an intense on-off relationship for around seven years.


If anyone wants to spring $25,000, you can probably get really great seats to the next Shins show.

Mr. Brogan’s story:

If anyone wants To pony-up $25,000 for The New Slang star, you can probably get really good seats to the next Shins show.

Sound familiar, hmmm??

Yup, I thought so too.

You can let the Post Chronicle know how you feel about Jim Brogan’s story by sending them some feedback courtesy of their “Contact Us” web form or by emailing them directly at

Other publications like the Wilamette Week were capable of writing their own stories and giving proper attribution.

After the Jump Music Festival

After the Jump Music Festival
august twenty-fifth, two thousand and seven
line-up to be announced shortly

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Two Bloggers, One Surname

A couple weekends ago I spent a portion today meeting two fellow bloggers–one from the other side of the world, and one from…er…Brooklyn–one Mr. Jamie Boud, who had kindly been putting up one Mr. Daniel Boud, who was visiting from Australia.

I’ve been following Daniel’s work on his blog and on the Flickr for quite some time, so it was great to finally meet him in person. Unbeknownst to me, we were actually at the same random loft-party gig where Apache Beat and Cut Off Your Hands (yes, a real band name, and yes, they wear oh-so-emo stripped shirts) the night before I met him for brunch.

Daniel blew the Backseat Blogger and my mind when he showed us some Australian money. Did you know that Australian money is A. MADE OF PLASTIC and B. Has Queen Elizabeth on some of the bills? Crazy. I’ve never seen plastic money in my life, but it’s the greatest thing EVER! You can dunk it in water and it comes out crisp and unharmed. You can crumple it up into a little ball and it just snaps back into shape. Why isn’t all money plastic?

Photo by MV

The Genius of Uncle Grambo

I’ve been a long-time fan of the illustrious Uncle Grambo–the mastermind behind Whatevs(dot)org. I just had to share his analysis of blockbuster movie 300:

Oh yeah, “300″. SO! FREAKING! BEST! You say that it never registered with you on any sort of emotional level? I say SO WHAT! You want to get emotional? Grab a box of tampons and watch Lifetime. But if you want to see a movie described as “Tits. Violence. Anger. Repeat.”, that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get when you see “300.”

Oh man, the Lifetime comment kills me. Hahahah.

Dragging the (Assumed) Hilton Name Deeper into the Paparazzi and Courtroom Mud: Perez Hilton

Holy crap! I was in the magazine shop today and they had Fox News on their televisions. All I heard were the words “celebrity blogger” and “sued” and my ears perked up and when I looked up at the screen I saw a giant picture of Mario (aka Perez Hilton) staring back at me.

“Celebrity photo” agency, X17 is suing Perez Hilton for $7.6 million for the alleged illegal use of 51 photos on his website. X17 claims Hilton is committing copyright infringement. Perez contends that he is using images under the fair use of newsworthy images.

This is an incredibly interesting case for a number of reasons: The outcome of this case might determine a president precedent (hellooooo 3am postings) for other blogs and their use of copyrighted images, there’s the whole personal vendetta element between X17 and Perez, this story is going to BLOW up all over the internetz and tv, making both X17 and Perez Hilton even bigger presences, and whoever wins, we all are losers, because some lawyer is going to make the case that photos of Britney Spears’s vagina is somehow “newsworthy”. Get ready to get dumb, America.

Leave your comments on the issue to Perez on his blog post about the lawsuit, and same goes for X17.

I’m the Oldest Person Here: Live from MTVU’s Woodie Awards 2006

7:50 PM
Hiya everyone. So right now I’m sitting here at a table at Roseland Ballroom waiting for the Woodie Awards to start. There are eager fans lining the floor of the venue directly in front of me, and the artists tables are to my right. Tegan and Sara‘s version of “Walking with a Ghost” is playing on the PA. Lady Sovereign, clad in an oversized yellow tshirt and sunglasses, just walked by me. I’m doing double duty tonight–so for the more emo version of events, head over to SMS.

To my left is Jeff, blogging for He’s dancing in his seat to the music. I wonder how long it will take for him to realize I’m blogging about him as I sit inches away from him.

7:55 PM

Ok, the gig is up, Jeff just looked at my computer screen while I was showing someone else.

Merlin Bronques, of Last Night’s Party fame/infamy just walked by sans his trademark bad Warhol-esque wig. Someone alert the hipster fashion patrol. Actually, he looks less creepy and more like a normal person w/out that ridiculous synthetic hair, so it’s all good.

Wow, the show is about to start, I can’t believe this thing is running on time. Maybe I brought some Icelandic promptness back with me.

Imogen Heap just began singing. She’s got her hair up in some crazy-ass do with a feather in it, and she’s accessorized by a pink furry vest, with pearl strings hanging around her neck. Do you think she got some award show fashion advice from Helena Bonham Carter?

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