Band of the Day: The Holloways

NAME: The Holloways
HOMETOWN: London, Holloway, United Kingdom

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was listening to my friend Imran’s awesome BBC 6 music radio show called This Music Week and The Holloways were doing a cover of “Starman” [MP3] in honor of David Bowie’s birthday.
LATEST RELEASE: So This Is Great Britain? [TVT Records, BUY]
SONG LISTENED TO: “Generator” [MP3 over at Denuvian]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Reminded me a lot of Hot Club de Paris with plunky guitar rhythms and choc full o’ melodies…oh and those trashy Northern accents. Hooray! The chorus states that they can “get a record player and a generator to generate the music that makes you feel better,” and judging from this song (about appreciating everything you have and looking on the bright side), I would have to say this is probably true. Catchy, upbeat, and almost completely free of irony. It makes you feel like a warm hug. Great motivational song for exercising…or carefree partying!
1 to 5 RATING: 5
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LISTEN TO MORE: “Dance Floor” and “Two Left Feet” on the Myspace

Check out this ridiculously awesome video with SAD CLOWNS for “Generator”:

Band of the Day: The Long Winters

NAME: The Long Winters
HOMETOWN: Seattle, Washington, United States

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was reading the Best of Seattle 2006: Critic’s Picks. They named The Long Winters the best power pop band.
SONG LISTENED TO: “Blue Diamonds” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Singer John Roderick’s vocals sound a bit Michael Stipe REM-ish. Nice touches with the horns in the background and pretty harmonies. Mid-tempo beats make it worthy of finger-snapping. Cute and catchy.
1 to 5 RATING: 3
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LISTEN TO MORE: “Fire Island, AK” and “Cinnamon” on the Myspace

Band of the Day: The Temper Trap

NAME: The Temper Trap
HOMETOWN: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: A link to North Cote Social Club from a gig review on The Age lead me to searching for The Temper Trap–who were opening for a band called “Snowman”. They were described as “closing 2006 with a bang and launching themselves into a similarly fast-paced 2007. Their tour with Snowman precedes performances up and down the east coast as part of the Laneway, Great Escape and V festivals, plus their hugely exciting support slot for US heroes Modest Mouse
LATEST RELEASE: The Temper Trap [EP]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Piercing vocals, lots of energetic guitar strumming, large stadium-ready sound. Can totally see why they toured with Modest Mouse.
1 to 5 RATING: 3
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LISTEN TO MORE: “Sirens” and “Sunday Painter” on the Myspace

Band of the Day: The Fratellis

NAME: The Fratellis
HOMETOWN: Glasgow, Scotland, UK

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: My friend Rachel, who knows about all the cool British bands way before I do, listed she was going to two of their shows in London.
LATEST RELEASE: Costello Music
SONG LISTENED TO: “Creepin’ Up the Back Stairs” [MP3 via Lil Mike’s Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: The Backseat Blogger says they sound like the “Arctic Strokes”. They sound playful, a bit of swing band tempos but rockified. I absolutely love the second movement of the chorus when they sing “When you’re creepin’ up the backstairs/ Mother’s nightmares/ Falling in the front door/ My my/ Climbing in the window/ Get dressed, let’s go/ Take your brother’s car keys/ Bye bye”.
1 to 5 RATING: 4
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LISTEN TO MORE: “Gutterati” on the Myspace

Video for “Chelsea Dagger”:

Band of the Day: Les Breastfeeders

NAME: Les Breastfeeders
HOMETOWN: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Photo by John Londoño

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I’m not exactly sure how an album worth of their stuff ended up on my iPod, but whenever they come on during “shuffle” I’m always like “what the HELL is this crazy French-singing rock music?”
LATEST RELEASE: Les Matins de Grands Soirs [Buy]
SONG LISTENED TO: “Viens Avec Moi” (Come with Me) [MP3 via Mocking Music]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Brash, fast, pop music–all in French. They sure do love their Kinks-like riffs. A bit kitchy, but they ARE French-speakers…Me likey.
1 to 5 RATING: 4
LISTEN TO MORE: “Mini-jupe et Watsui” on the Myspace

Video for “Funny Funiculaire”:

Band of the Day: Paolo Nutini

NAME: Paolo Nutini
HOMETOWN: Paisley, Scotland, UK

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was surfing the Observer site and stumbled upon this video feature of Paolo describing 7 “everyday objects”. I can hardly understand what he’s saying. I feel like I’m trapped in the world of Sick Boy.
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: I instantly thought his voice and vibe reminded me of teen heart-throb Teddy Geiger–who I love. This Scottish hottie has a pretty voice, adding in a slightly gritty texture to the notes during the long extended notes. However, the song is a bit saucier fare than dear Teddy would write about. Sample lyric, “Oh remember at 16/ Oh the crazy drunken night we had/ When I kissed you in the hallway/ Then I took you straight to bed”. Did I mention Paolo is only 19 20 years old (it’s his birthday today) and he kinda looks like a young Julian Casablancas meets Diego Luna? He plays a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom on Jan 31st.
1 to 5 RATING: 3
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LISTEN TO MORE: “Last Request” and “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty” (actually better than “Rewind”) on the Myspace

Acoustic performance of “These Streets” (his voice sounds scary Chris Martin-like for the first 3 notes–oh and HELLO Scottish accent):

Video for “Rewind”:

Band of the Day: PonPons

NAME: PonPons
HOMETOWN: Berlin, Germany

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was doing a Google search for “photography book karaoke”. I found a story about artist Hanayo.
LATEST RELEASE: “My Name Is Tallulah” song on the Disko Cabine Compilation
SONG LISTENED TO: “My Name Is Tallulah” [Listen]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Remember electroclash? Yehh… The broken english reminds me of French rapping toddler Jordy. More avante guard musical project than band.
1 to 5 RATING: 1
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: I think there’s a good reason why the blogger set hasn’t caught on to them.
LISTEN TO MORE: “Island” on the Myspace

Band of the Day: Mook

NAME: Mook

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: IMy friend Jessie sent me
an email about them because when we saw Little Miss Sunshine, we were
both obsessed with the character of Dwayne. The actor that played him,
Paul Dano, is lead guitarist and does the vocals. And one time me and my old man saw Paul on the subway…looking more like he does in The Girl Next Door (THE BEST MOVIE EVER). Jessie also snuck into LMS because it was sold out.
SONG LISTENED TO: “Broken-Bee (Light Me)” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Soft indie rock with a slightly jazzy edge. Quiet. Sounds like Paul is hunched over whispering into the microphone as he sings. With the folky lo-fi sound and sweetly sensitive lyrics (“I’m awfully available in so many shades/ Waiting for you to light me”) Paul would be a great candidate to play Sufjan Stevens in his yet-to-be-created indie film biopic. Also fans of Adam Green might be interested, although they are not quite as anti-folk.
1 to 5 RATING: 3
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: Er… I can’t find any blog posts about them other than this Stella fansite message board thread. They play Sin-E on February 1st, so maybe some of you bloggers should get a move on…
LISTEN TO MORE: “Darkling” and “Statues” on the Myspace

Band of the Day: Walter Meego

NAME: Walter Meego
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois, USA

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I randomly caught his set when I was at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2006
LATEST RELEASE: Romantic [CD Single]
SONG LISTENED TO: “Wanna Be a Star” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Dancy synth pop, blah blah blah. Like LCD Soundsystem (but not trying as hard to be cool) or The Rapture. Surprisingly sweet and down-to-earth vocals. They were pretty awesome fun live.
OTHER BLOGS THAT HAVE TALKED ABOUT THEM: Music Glob, Largehearted Boy, Ornery
LISTEN TO MORE: “Through a Keyhole” [MP3], Myspace

Video for “Romantic”:

Band of the Day: Tiny Masters of Today

NAME: Tiny Masters of Today

Photo: Shara Shisheboran

HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: Apparently I’m Myspace friends with them, because I clicked on their bulletin announcing their opening slot for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at Bowery Ballroom.
SONG LISTENED TO: “Stickin’ It to the Man” [MP3]
WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Punk rockin’ pre-teens. Heavy Stooges influence. Bro and sis Ivan and Ada (12 and 10 respectively) both list the White Stripes among their favorite bands–how can you not love them? Kinda makes me want to set little Ada up with one of the kids from The Muldoons. Oh and helloooo kickass name. They’ve already gotten tons of media buzz, from Newsweek to the New York Times–caring not so much on their musical merits, but reveling in the fact that they’re somehow representative of a pre-teen rock explosion fueled by Yupsters.
LISTEN TO MORE: “Pictures” [MP3], Myspace

And their song that disses on the President, “Bushy” video: