Band of the Day: These New Puritans

NAME: These New Puritans HOMETOWN: Southend, United Kingdom WEBSITE: Photo by Andrew Kendall HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I saw a photo of them on Andrew Kendall‘s web site and wondered who they were. LATEST RELEASE: Pluvial [EP on Angular Records] SONG LISTENED TO: “Elvis” WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Like nothing else out there […]

Band of the Day: The Blood Arm

NAME: The Blood Arm HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California, United States WEBSITE: HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: My friend Sarah had one of their songs set as her Myspace page theme song. LATEST RELEASE: Lie Lover Lie [BUY] SONG LISTENED TO: “Suspicious Character” [DOWNLOAD the A Faulty Mechanism Remix] WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Holy Franz […]

Band of the Day: Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah

NAME: Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah HOMETOWN: Acton, London, United Kingdom WEBSITE: HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: I was checking out the top “indie” bands on Myspace and they were number 19. And apparently they are huge in Japan. LATEST RELEASE: Get Your Mood On SONG LISTENED TO: “Kick Him Out” [LISTEN] WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: […]

Band of the Day: Duchess Says

NAME: Duchess Says HOMETOWN: Montreal, Quebec, Canada WEBSITE: HOW I HEARD ABOUT THEM: They left a comment for me one one of the Band of the Day posts. LATEST RELEASE: Budgie Laboratories SONG LISTENED TO: “Black Flag” [MP3] WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: Early 80s Madonna meets Le Tigre. Dancy, fun, and a bit riotous. […]