Any Knitters Out There?

A bit off topic, but was just curious to know if there are any knitters out there. I just finished a 4 week class at Downtown Yarns in the East Village and would love to connect with some other downtown New Yorkers who are into knitting. Since I’m a beginner I’m looking to swap tips and tricks and patterns, faves and resources.

For those not in New York, if you have tips on great knitting/crafting websites/groups, I’m all ears!

Britt Daniel Now Loves the White Stripes

Looks like Spoon front man Britt Daniel has had a change of heart when it comes to the White Stripes. According to a recent Pitchfork interview, he is backtracking on his “Small Stakes” lyric “I don’t dig the Stripes/ But I go for Har Mar”now stating he’s a “big fan” and thinks “they’re doing something special.”

On the reasoning behind the new stance Daniel says, “I’m not afraid to admit it. I make mistakes.”

In related news, during the interview Daniel gives props to TMA fave and New York City artist Sean McCabe who did the cover of Gimme Fiction, stating that “It’s probably our best cover.”

Excerpt from the Pitchfork interview below:
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Artwork Fit for a Serial Killer?

Tonight on the way home from dinner I walked by the Merge Gallery, which was having an opening reception for their newest show. As I strolled by the window, I got a glimpse of the artwork–and stopped dead in my tracks.

The show was called “New Blood” and the artwork was made of blood.

The pieces instantly reminded me of America’s favorite fictional serial killer/blood splatter expert, Dexter, that I had to take a closer look. The work looked like giant Dexter blood slides–blood splatters caught between layers of clear resin and Plexiglas.

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Regift Your Christmas Presents

BsB here, bringing you a special post:
I love just about every bat sh*t idea the Crumpler folks have–whether it’s Beer for Bags, custom bags from underground artist or Regifting Day.

What’s “Regifing Day”? It’s an opportunity to trade in a “not-for-you” Christmas present from Aunt Flo in exchange for a pretty sweet Crumpler bag. You get a Christmas present you like, and Aunt Flo doesn’t know the difference. It’s a win-win situation. So go exchange all your gifts that don’t suck, but just aren’t right for you.

Re-Gifting at both stores on Saturday, January 5th:

SoHo Store
45 Spring st.

West Village
49 8th Ave

Musicians Are Artists Too: Set In Concrete Closing Show

This Saturday, Jason Friedman (The Boggs) and Aurelio Valleare (Calla) are set to perform at the closing show of “Set In Concrete,” a art show which is displaying the work of a number of musicians. (Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance, and Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, to name a few.) The closing performance is at Spool MFG, in Johnson City, NY (near Binghamton) from 7-10pm.

set in concrete
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Ryan Adams, Beck, and Razorlight Cover Book Jackets

Long-time reader Beat Royalty sent over these rad links to custom book covers that musicians have done of some of the world’s most famous pieces of literature. It’s all part of a campaign to promote the “My Penguin” book series in which you can design your very own book cover to the book of your choice.

Says Ryan Adams about his version of Bram Stroker’s Dracula, “[It represents] how suffocating the Victorian times were. The bonus is, you get vampires! I can’t reveal my secrets but I can reveal no garlic was harmed in the making of this cover.”

Check out his cover version:

ryan adams bram stoker dracula

covered The Lost Estate (Le Grand Meaulnes) by Alain-Fournier:

beck le grand meaulnes

And Kirsten Dunst’s boyfriend, Johnny Borrell from Razorlight, “designed” a cover for The Great Gatsby:

razorlight the great gatsby

Need Your Help: Looking for an Illustrator

Hey guys…need some help with something. I know someone looking for an illustrator to do some “artist renderings” of a handful of famous people. Do you guys have recommendations of people who might be appropriate? Think Wall Street Journal drawings meets Daily Candy. The style should be bright and cheery, not overly cartoon-y, with the feeling of being hand-drawn. Help a sister out. Leave links to portfolios/contact info in the comments, or email laura @ and I’ll pass along. Thanks.

Some examples of the feeling: 1, 2, 3

Sneak Peek: Demetri Martin Stars in Fountains of Wayne Video for “Someone to Love”

This weekend I was lucky enough to crash the Brooklyn set of the latest project by music video director Adam Neustadter (Morningwood’s “Nth Degree” and “Jetsetter”, Kidz Bop “Since U Been Gone”)–the vid for the new Fountains of Wayne single, “Someone to Love”, off their upcoming album Traffic and Weather.

The best part? I got to spy super funny comedian (and TMA fave) Demetri Martin ham it up for the camera, as he plays one of the main characters of the music video.

Check out some of the photos I took on set. I can’t wait until it comes out. From what I saw, it’s going to be an adorable video.

demetri martin bed fountains of wayne someone to love
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