First Impressions of The Strokes at ULU

The Strokes

Scott has some good links.

More importantly, here are the links to the live MP3s of new songs that were recorded at the gig that can be found on the Strokes LJ. Oh, and don’t forget to stare at your wallpaper-sized version of the photo above off the Radio 1 site while you listen:

DOWNLOAD: “Electricityscape” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Red Light” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Vision of Division” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Evening Sun” (Live) by The Strokes

Probably the most impressive thing about the set was the fact that it lasted an hour and a half. That must be a new Strokes world record or something.

Oh you crazy kids

MORE: Check out Andrew Kendall’s WMV file of assembled still photos of the retardedly LONG QUEUE that kids waited/slept overnight on in order to get tickets to the gig.

DOWNLOAD: The Strokes ULU Line Video by Andrew Kendall

Ryan Adams Loves Puppies

Ok, so today we established that the YYY’s Karen O loves kitties, but now I have to remind you that Ryan Adams loves puppies.

This past weekend I was walking in the West Village when I stoppped to look at 3 black-haired puppies that were in a pet store window. Only moments later, Ryan Adams strolled past the store and also stopped to look at the puppies. After taking a good look at them, I saw him go into the store and look at them from the partition. Through the glass I could see him gesticulating to the man who owned the store–pointing to one of the dogs and asking questions. After a few moments, he sauntered further into the store. Not sure if he bought the puppy and/or dog food.

The following photo was sent to me…it may or may not have been taken by the group of Japanese tourists that were also looking at the pups.

Does Ryan Adams want to know how much IS that doggie in the window?

Meow! Karen O: Vicious Cat Lover

According to MTV news the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is a concept record about the life of Karen O’s new cat, Coco Beware. Tentatively set to drop in March 2006, the LP is being produced by Spike Jonze‘s lil’ bro, Squeak E. Clean, who worked with both Spike and Karen on that Adidas commercial.

According to MTV, Karen found Coco while on a “spiritual journey” to South America. Says Clean, “The whole album is pretty much about this cat’s journey from Chile to New York. Each track tells the story of the [cat’s life]. So it starts with Coco’s birth, to when they found Coco, and continues.”

Well let’s just hope that this album is better than the last concept album I listened to. Thanks to Rod for the head’s up.

Scrimping and Saving to Live In NYC

Oh man, I’d be lying if I said this Ed’s Girl blog post about how to pinch pennies didn’t make me a little sad. Someone give this girl a full-time job so she can eat a meal outside the walls of her live-in hostel! Well…not that a typical edit assistants salary (think 23k-30k. I think that even all-mighty TimeWarner tells EA candidates that the salary is 25k.) even qualifies as money for survival in NYC. Augh!

The salaries of assistants and lower-level editors at print publications is pitiful! It’s painful to think of the daunting task of surviving these mean streets…living on open bars and beer nuts. It sure takes some nerves of steel and serious money management skills to make it as a writer in this bloodsucking city. But of course I’m not even touching about all the low-paying yet somehow “appealing” jobs that exist in this town. I’m sure many a public relations assistant, marketing assistant, etc., have many a sad story to tell. Now you know why that girl working the door at the last event you went to was so pissy. It’s because she makes 21k a year. Go ahead, air your grievances!

MORE: More pitiful editorial job salaries.

Clap Your Hands Say YUCK: A Report from London

CYHSYI couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read this review of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s show at my old stomping ground of ULU by Simon Price for the Independent.

With key phrases like “…singer Alec Ounsworth is, for reasons best known to himself, singing in the breaking-voice yodel of an adolescent boy. It’s Jonathan Richman meets Emo Phillips, and it’s profoundly annoying.” and “But no, on the next song, he’s at it again, yelping and screeching like a pig with its foot in a snare. I’m torn between a desire to commit murder and a desire to amputate my own ears without anaesthetic,” even if you like CYHSY (as I do), you have to agree the man does have some valid points. This is a great example of how to write a scathing review of a live show without resorting to…well, you know.

MORE: The above photo was taken on November 14th in London by Neil 365. Check out good ol’ “Clap Your Hands Say Khaki” Man.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Strokes played ULU tonight as part of the “secret gigs” tour.

Why ISN’T There a Subway Near Tompkins Square Park?: This and Other Questions that “RENT” Makes You Think Of

As you guys know, I love RENT despite it’s immensely hokey nature, bad acting (thanks Adam), and ridiculous premise. But check out this article by Jesse McKinley in the New York Times which touches upon some interesting ideas: Does RENT make you angry when you see the outside of Horseshoe Bar on 7th and B masquerading for the “Life Cafe”…which is a real place that is across the park on B and 10th? Why ISN’T there a subway station on the corner of Tompkins Square Park? Do RENTheads make the pilgrimage to the Life Cafe? Would real eVillage barflys see the glossy version of their neighborhood on the big screen? Etc.

Oh, and here’s a very grainy camera phone picture that I took when S.G. and I were walking past Horseshoe Bar while they were filming the exterior RENT shot on March 10, 2005.

You Write the Caption: Bronques and Cobrasnake on Flickr

Bronques and Cobrasnake, originally uploaded by Rocco Kasby.

I guess it’s true what they say…”birds of a feather…see rock shows together.” Check out this photo taken by Rocco Kasby of Merlin “Last Night’s Party” Bronques and Mark “Cobrasnake” Hunter. A friend of mine called this picture a sign of the apocalypse.

I’ve got a good idea. For New Year’s I think Merlin should dress up like Mark and vice versa. Either that or I dress up like one of them and try to take pictures of you drunk showing me your boobs. Kinda like what this girl did for Halloween. Whatdaya think?

Looks like it’s time for another caption writing contest…do your best…or your worst.