Another Stupid Sony Advertising Campaign

You know, when I first saw the pictures of zombie-like kids playing with PSP plastered all around the East Village, I thought it was a political statement by a graffiti artist about how hand-held devices like PSP are sucking the brains out of kids and making them stupid. Little did I know it was actually Sony’s marketing campaign to appear to “young urbanites” such as myself. Here’s a hint to Sony: If you want hipsters to think the PSP is cool, try not to depict children who look as though they’ve had lobotomies as a result of playing your electronic equipment.

PS- I’m still pissed off about your stupid rootkits.

Check out more photos of the ads in San Fran.

The Big Sleep at Fat Baby

the big sleep

On Friday I went to the “Not So Silent Night” at Fat Baby where I happened to catch The Big Sleep. In the middle of their set (which consisted of loud, deconstructed rock–with little in the way of lyrics, but those who like long rock/metal jams will be appreciative of their sound.) I saw a fireman in full gear push by me and go through a door by the left side of the stage…which I thought was peculiar. When I turned around after watching the band, the once totally packed place was once again breathable…but no fault of the band–appears as though the NYPD raided the venue and people either got kicked out or left of their own volition. Sadly lots of folks were turned away at the door and didn’t get a chance to take part of the event.

Oh, and speaking of the “Not So Silent Night,” Levy also played. They have a fairly steamy video for “On the Dancefloor” depicting to naked folks videotaping their sexcapades at the Hotel on Rivington. Although all the naughty bits of the man and woman are blacked out, I still would advise not playing this video at work…unless your boss is ok with you watching someone getting a bj on film. I swear to god, it’s like watching 9 Songs meets One Night In Paris all over again. Link from Curbed.


Hot Topic of the Week: Downtown Bars

I know it’s hard to imagine that so many publications would be covering the same story not relating to Nick and Jessica Simpson, but behold! it has occurred right here in our little town of New York City. The topic that is twisting everyone’s panties? Some of you may be very familiar with it. Some of you know it as the place you call “home.” Bars. Noisy, dancey, alchoholy bars. Obviously the spawn of the devil according to many locals.

When I read Tricia’s piece about them raiding several watering holes in the downtown area I cried, “Well at least they aren’t raiding my apartment!” To which Tricia responded ominously, “It’s only a matter of time.”

Time Out NY is also covering the people’s revolt against alcoholic establishments. Other people have taken to revolting against the people’s revolt on The true hard-core anti people revolt supporters are still vomiting in a dark alleyway near Ludlow Street.

Oh, and speaking of annoying neighbors…watch this Christmas crazy video.

Your Tips to Converting Vinyl/ Cassette Tapes to Digital Formats

Hi guys, looking for some advice from y’all. I’m really interested in digitizing some old old cassette tapes that I’ve made over the years. Hopefully all of them haven’t already melted into themselves. Things like live bootlegs and such. I wanted to know if you had any tips on how you get your analog recordings into digital form. Someone recommended I use WireTap Pro for my Mac. (Yes, I do have a Mac now, thanks.) And on the WTP site they recommend getting an iMic to get the inputting audio ports. Anyone into this kind of stuff and/or podcasting? Would be grateful for any help!

The Strokes “Juicebox” Director Posts Passionate Rant

Mike Palmieri, director of The Strokes‘s video for “Juicebox” shoots straight from the hip and tells his version of what happened to the vid to Triple_six, the person who did the widely distributed “Juicebox Mashup Video” with “Night of the Living Dead.”

The long and short of it is that MTV demanded tons of edits on the video…edits that Palmieri was less than thrilled about because he felt that his work was being censored to the tenth degree–but not because of explicit content, but because of explicit thought content. Lord knows that MTV doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers with Bible-thumpers or right wing politicians. Palmieri believes that MTV was specifically censoring the video’s idea.

Writes Palmieri, “the video is deliberately unsettling. to me it’s about the end of the line of american behaviour – bad fart jokes, pornography, voyeurism, old women and their fucked up intimate relations with pets…, etc. but is there really any actual sexual content in this video? not really. christina aguilera shakes her booty with a gaffer-taped thong two inches from the camera for three minutes and that’s ok, but we can’t show a blurred out image of women wearing bikinis in a magazine in a wide shot for half a second, at least according to mtv, because it’s disgraceful to women.

“what does this actually mean? is mtv up in arms about lesbians on a rooftop, or are they disturbed by how the lesbians on the rooftop are presented – as material for a man to jerk off to in the dark? by showing the end result of the pornographic chain maybe i’ve done something truly disturbing. i’ve shown what people do when they go home at night and sit in front of their computers. now that’s a censorable offense!”

A struggle continued with the label, the band, and MTV…and finally (I think) it was decided to just burry the video…but then it leaked onto the Internet for all to gasp at. Palmieri has since put together a “Censored Director’s Cut” version of the video to view on his personal site.

Story tip-off from Sea of Angels