*NSYNC’s Ridiculous Dolls and Swear-o-tron

So much for this site being more sophisticated and refined. The pop culture maven in me is winning out. I just had to share the horror of these *NSYNC bobbing-head dolls.

And Eric, you win. The new Bjork is very good. I like it a lot.

I’m also listening to Tori. This is all very shocking, I know. I can hardly believe it myself. But let’s keep this in perspective.. Those *NSYNC dolls are far more upsetting.

I’m trying to get the word out about these dolls. I fear some of us might go into extreme shock if we aren’t forewarned about these things. I know I’m shaking.

And really… if this level of intelligence was just too much for you, I’m going to take it down a notch by re-posting this genius link again that was recommended by Sarwat. Never do your own swearing again! …. That is, unless you choose to. NOTE: Not to be used in a place where you’d be embarassed to have your computer scream, “F*ckin’ c*nt!”

First Post Is the Worst Post?

Still re-thinking, but you get the idea. None of those words link to anything right now. It’s a kinder, friendlier, gentler Modern Age. Yes, In my old age I’ve gone soft.

I’ve been doing a lot of… Comment dit-on?… soul-searching… of late. Just mainly stuff about what I’d like to do with this site, what I’d like to do next year, what I’d like to do with my life. You know, simple stuff like that. I’ve come to the conclusion of: I don’t know, I don’t know, and I don’t know. Comforting.Lately I’ve been reading a lot of web logs/ web journals… whatever you’d like to call them. I think I’m ready to venture off into the world and allow (wait for it… wait for it…) strangers to visit the site. I’ve been putting things in perspective, and what is the point in having a web page if you aren’t sharing it with the world? Isn’t the Internet suppose to be all about interaction? I think it is.

All these new ideas about the medium of the web and its purposes stem from the recent reseach I’ve been doing for my Feature Article class and Digital Journalism class. I suppose I can blame them if I start getting stalked.

I’ve got loads of studying and homework I’ve been not doing all weekend. It’s almost Thanksgiving, who actually feels like being productive anyway?

Get ready for the gobble gobble.

Word to yo mutha. Peace out, my hommies.

Drop me a line. You know I love attention.