Tuesday Night Is Just Like Saturday Night with Diamond Nights

I’m really tired, but just wanted to say that Diamond Nights at Bowery Ballroom last night was awesome. They are getting to be such a great live band. It was such an “interactive” show–with Morgan making people sing along to “Saturday Night”, pulling up a gaggle of girls (and a few dudes) to dance on […]

The Modern Age’s 2005 Gift Guide for Hipsters

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been going crazy over few week trying to thinking of presents for the holidays. Here are some cute/ cool/ amusing ideas I came across. Note: Buy soon! Most merchants are requiring purchases be made in the next few days in order to receive your merchandise by December 23rd. For […]

What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Moranis: The Album

It’s about time actor Rick Moranis (of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids fame) released a country album! Seriously, how many times have you been sitting at home wondering why it hasn’t happened yet? Moranis elaborates about “Why a country album?” on his Web site: “A few years ago, just after [my kids] started listening to […]