Doesn’t Ryan Adams Always Look Like a Gay Cowboy?

I just saw Brokeback Mountain last night. I thought Heath Ledger was great. However, I’m just so not into Jake Gyllenhaal acting in anything besides Donnie Darko. Is it just me? I felt like whenever he was on the screen not saying anything, it was just dead air. Whereas Heath had this underlying intensity…that he was going through some type of internal struggle, and you could just see it in his whole body, feel it emanating from the screen.

In any case, I thought the movie was good, and I kinda want to be a gay cowboy now. I will admit, I saw it with the S.G. last night, and I was slightly disturbed by how much he wanted to be a gay cowboy as well. Now I’m starting to wonder if all the camping trips with his buddies he went on this summer were specifically planned to be when I couldn’t go. Hmmm…

Anyway, sitting through an hour and a half of gay cowboyness had me thinking: Is it just me or is Ryan Adams perpetually dressed like a gay singing cowboy? Think about it…tight jeans, cowboy boots, checkered shirts, love of whiskey and “being on the road,” lives in the West Village, etc. Is “Magnolia Mountain” really “Brokeback Mountain”? Just something to think about.


UPDATE: Check it out! There are promotional Brokeback bandanas! Wear ’em proudly in your left or right jean pockets guys!

Tuesday Night Is Just Like Saturday Night with Diamond Nights

I’m really tired, but just wanted to say that Diamond Nights at Bowery Ballroom last night was awesome. They are getting to be such a great live band. It was such an “interactive” show–with Morgan making people sing along to “Saturday Night”, pulling up a gaggle of girls (and a few dudes) to dance on stage during “The Girl’s Attractive,” and for the finale, Morgan jumping into the crowd for the last song of the evening.

I took photos, some of which you can see on my Flickr account…ok I’m going to go pass out now.





The Modern Age’s 2005 Gift Guide for Hipsters

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been going crazy over few week trying to thinking of presents for the holidays. Here are some cute/ cool/ amusing ideas I came across. Note: Buy soon! Most merchants are requiring purchases be made in the next few days in order to receive your merchandise by December 23rd.

For your favorite Stroke

Get a hysterical “High-Top Holiday Stockingpad” from the New York City Library gift shop. Here’s their description: “For the sneaker set, the High-Top Holiday Stocking. It’s handmade of cotton and denim, with a jingle bell sewn into the white taffeta lining, has a navy blue velvet backing, and measures about 7 1/2″ x 19″.”

For your friend who totally thinks it’s still 2002

I recommend The Hives “Tussles in Brussels” DVD. Yah, I too can hardly believe that The Hives have a DVD out as well. Seriously, when was the last time you thought about them or Sahara Hotnights? 2003? Their last album didn’t make so much of an impact as their “old is new” record, Vendi Vidi Vicious, which made them English-speaking music magazine staples. But anyway, the DVD is over 2 hours of concert footage, mini documentary, and videos. And Pele and his brother are pretty sweet on the eyes as per usual.

For your friend who pushes papers around all day long…and hates it

What could possibly say “I feel your corporate job pain” more than a lovely member of The Cubes. Yes, it’s the action figure for the common man. You can choose from an assortment of cube-dwellers who come complete with their own little plastic cubicle. If you’re feeling like spending a little extra dough, shell out for the water cooler station and/or the copy room.

For your adorable Japanese girlfriend who wants to be in a punk band.

Time to break out the Kitty, as in Hello Kitty. Uh huh, such a thing as the Hello Kitty Stratocaster and Badtz-Maru Bass exists and they are both made by Fender. What girly-girl could resist such a cute cute cute musical instrument? She will not be able to–and if you’re lucky, you could be her first groupie.

For the friend who thinks he’s Chris Martin/ Bono/ Bob Geldof

Your friend doesn’t appreciate such worldy, material gifts like the other items listed here. He’s all about feeding the hungry and helping the poor. If he were famous, he’d be making political statments just like his heros. Avoid getting lectured about starving children in Cambodia and give him the gift of Oxfam.

For your angry, tortured teenage sister or your boyfriend/girlfriend who you met at Warped Tour

Ohmigod! When I first heard about these My Chemical Romance “action figures” I thought it was totally ridiculous. But then I thought about it and realized that I secretly wanted one. I even found myself calling up Spencer Gifts on Long Island trying to locate a set, but sadly the woman didn’t even know what My Chemical Romance was. Maybe if I get up enough courage I’ll start scouting out my local Hot Topic for these hotter than hot items.

For your anglophile music friend who won’t shut up about bands with obscure-sounding names

Your favorite snobby music geek will absolutely LOVE this British Sea Power mug that lead singer Yan has personally given the “thumbs up” to. Check out his description of the drinking vessel: “I really like drinking tea, and these mugs are great. They handle Yorkshire Gold and Russian Caravan with ease, and are equally capable of driving home subtler flavours such as Linden blossom or Sage. Definitely a high performance mug.” Thanks to Vince for the idea.

For the biggest computer geek you know

What could be more perfect for your Halo-gaming geeky friend than a 500G LEGO-like hard drive? Nothing. Their made to be stacked, so beware–you may soon see your friend building computer castles made of these colorful little blocks.

For your tree-hugging, vegan, yoga- and meditation-practicing aunt/uncle

Your crunchy aunt or uncle will love this cute little loose tea kit made by Adagio that includes a microwavable, cup-shaped filter. The tea selections were picked out by Kevin Rose of Digg Nation podcasting fame. Best part is the set is only $20!

Stay tuned…maybe more to come if I finish my own shopping!

MisShapes Is Moving to Don Hill’s

You’ve heard the rumors, but now it’s confirmed: MisShapes is moving to Don Hill’s starting this week! So don’t be showing up at Luke and Leroy’s ’cause it’s just gonna be you and some confused New Jersey teens standing outside. The MisShapes crew is psyched about this move because Don Hill’s holds a special place in their hearts–it’s the venue where the fierce trio first met. Adorable. Check out this week’s flyer:

MisShapes is Movin'!

Oh, and speaking of MisShapes, I was checking out the Dec/January issue of ELLEGirl that I got in the giveaway bag from the party at Webster Hall (BECAUSE I LOVE TEEN MAGAZINES), and who is featured in the “Behind the Music” story but Ms. Leigh Lezark! But she wasn’t the only familiar face I saw…across from here was a photo of the stunning rock writer Elizabeth Goodman, who I knew when she was just beautiful Lizzie from apt 3A. What the bio about her didn’t reveal is that Lizzie used to be a school teacher. Can you imagine having such a looker wrangling a bunch of tykes? Talk about hot for teacher (you, not the kids)!

What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Moranis: The Album

MoranisIt’s about time actor Rick Moranis (of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids fame) released a country album! Seriously, how many times have you been sitting at home wondering why it hasn’t happened yet?

Moranis elaborates about “Why a country album?” on his Web site: “A few years ago, just after [my kids] started listening to music almost exclusively from their computers, I began to hear traditional, bluegrass and jam-band coming from their rooms. They played me Phish, Jack Johnson, Widespread Panic, Moe, Stringcheese Incident and my favorite, Yonder Mountain Stringband. I also heard music they’d forgotten I’d played for them many years before–The Band’s ‘Music from Big Pink’ and ‘The Last Waltz.’

“With all that country and bluegrass filling our home, I wound up writing a song or two. And then another. I’d call up friends and sing the songs over the phone. Paul Perlove, my dear friend and sometime comedy writing partner encouraged me to do something with the songs. Although I’d done a lot of music for SCTV and sang the songs in the film ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, it had been a while since I’d recorded any music.”

Bless his heart. Link from Oh No They Didn’t!

America’s Next Top Model Totally Confuses Me

NICOLE WON!?!?!? What the HELL? Nik was totally robbed. Don’t even get me started on Naima winning last year. Did you see her in the fashion show? SO FUG.

I do NOT understand how the judges decide who wins. Tyra, you crazy!

And in the best quote about Nicole made on ONTD: “nicole’s. not. cute.
she looks exactly like chrissy from Now and Then, right down to the grimace.”

When a Teen Mag Meets Synth Pop, You Can Set the Night on Fire

Yes, I love teen magazines, so how could I pass up the opportunity to go to the ELLE Girl “Music Issue” party at Webster Hall featuring a performance by VHS or Beta? I just couldn’t!

VHS or Beta has been on tour for the last 17 months, and this was their last performance for a while. They played to a crowd of kids with free drinks in their hands, and nothing to loose. There was one dude who even brought his own basketball to the party…for unknown reasons. I also spied Merlin Bronques in a full “Merlin Bronques” outfit–sunglasses, wig, and turtleneck–up front snapping pictures of the band and more importanly, the partygoers.

Although lead singer Craig Pfunder kept insisting that no one at the party knew who they were, nor were they dancing to the music, I spied one dude up in the front who was…how do you say…totally feelin’ the music (below). By the end of the show, the band pulled him and a bunch of other people onto the stage to shake their groove thing during the last song.


VHS or Beta

this dude was psyched about VHS or Beta

VHS or Beta pulls people onto the stage



Re-Vamping The Modern Age

I always know I can rely on readers of this site to give me some great information. Here’s another question for you. I want to redesign the site sometime in the near future, but I need some inspiration. What are some of your favorite sites on the Web? They don’t have to be music-related or blogs…just well designed sites. Also, are their any features you’d like to see become available? What are some features you’d want to stay?

Anyone interested in telling me of a great Web designer/developer, feel free to leave a comment or drop a line to redesign @ Not sure exactly what I want done, but I’m not opposed to paying for a redesign. If anyone is feeling super generous, and wants to offer their services free of charge for the love of this advertising-free blog, by all means contact me!

UPDATE: I’m interested in migrating over to WordPress, so if you are familiar with building themes for this publishing tool, drop a line.