Lessons Learned at “Calling All Kids”: Dudes Love Backpacks

I stayed up past my bedtime and headed over to Audrey‘s new weekly Wednesday night party at Sapphire, “Calling All Kids”. Going to this party is like hitting a fiesta at one of your friend’s apartments, except your friend’s apartment doesn’t have a built-in bar and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling…or does it?

How hysterical is the picture below of Ari clinging on to his bro Josh? (You know them from the band The Upwelling) It’s either brotherly love, or a mutual adoration of backpacks. You decide.

Ari and Josh

More photos on Flickr.

Limited Edition White Stripes Poster Set Sells Out In Less Than an Hour!

Woah! I can’t believe how many deep-pocketed White Stripes fans exist in this world. Well, I guess there are at least 50 of them who like to wake up for a 9am EST sale, because a limited edition set of the 11 posters created for the White Stripes most recent North American tour (below) completely sold out before it even reached 10am. How much did these crazy kids shell out for their favorite band? A whopping 375 USD at the least! (It was a little more expensive for those in other parts of the world like Europe.)

The prints sure do look beautiful, but my favorite White Stripes posters that I own are the two silkscreened posters (done by the same artist) that they sold during the Elephant tour…because they are of Jack and Meg‘s faces. So awesome.

Now if only I’d bought that damn 3″ record player…

The Needs Best Days Probably On Someone’s Camera Phone

This is sad news, the British quintet The Needs (formerly know as Special Needs) has decided to call it quits citing widespread band depression and ominous feelings as the cause of their demise. Guitarist Andrew Pearson had this to say: “It’s a bit hard to admit your best days are well and truly on someone’s camera phone sometime near last Christmas.”

Yikes, that sounds…really troublesome. This bums me out because I’ve been listening to their song “Francesca” throughout the Christmas season. You can download the song, among many others, right here.

Well, I hope the guys have made the right decision and feel a helluva lot better soon.

Now that Meg’s a Model, Will Karen Be Forced to Take Up the Drums?

It seems as though you’ll soon be able to see Meg White‘s mug starring back at you from a fashion magazine as Meg is the face of an upcoming campaign by designer Marc Jacobs. From Vogue UK via Candy Cane Children:

“There are all sorts of people I’d like to work with,” he [Marc Jacobs] says, having booked Meg White of The White Stripes to appear in the latest campaign for his own line, shot by Juergen Teller. “But the stars–and I don’t mean celebrities–all have to be in line…when everything else just gels.”

In the Weird World of Reality TV

Here are two things I discovered about my two favorite reality TV shows (“ANTM” and “Project Runway”) this week:

In the “duh, even I guessed it” category, Fashion Week Daily revealed that Nicky Hilton is the mystery socialite that the designers will be fighting to dress in this week’s new “Project Runway” episode. I kinda thought it was her b/c in the blurred out picture you can see that the girl has dark hair, and by the looks of bemused recognition on the designers faces, I just kinda assumed. But word on the street is that the producer’s first choice was none other than Miss Mini-Donald, Ivanka Trump. Oh shnapp Nicky Hilton and being second bested.

In the “what were they thinking?” category I have Nik, aka the girl who lost to Nicole on “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 5.” Nik showed up on the arm of hip hopper Lil’ Jon on
December 31 at his “The King of Crunk” After Party at 510 Ocean in Miami Beach. Below is a picture to prove that this did indeed happen. Not shown is the picture of my confused reaction. Should ANTM-ers be drinking from the Pimp Cup? I’m not too sure about that.

Hong Kong’s Next Top Author?

Elyse Sewell

Um, how psyched am I to learn that everyone’s favorite smart, yet slightly snotty, America’s Next Top Model alumn, Elyse Sewell, is releasing her very own book!?!? It comes out January 19, 2006 on SCMP Book Publishing and it’s going to be based on some of Elyse’s blog postings but also featuring some previously un-blogged material. Sadly the book will only be available in Hong Kong. My Asia-bound friends holla back!

In related news, check out this story about the making of The Shins video for “Saint Simon” (in case you weren’t aware, Elyse goes out with Marty from The Shins). The video features the guys walking through a privately-owned reserve in Mexico that serves as the winter migration home for millions of monarch butterflies. Pretty damn cool.