Shout! at Bar 13 Has Its Last Danceathon this Sunday

Shout! @ Bar 13 has been an insitution that has been serving people without day jobs and NYU students since 1997. But now Steve and Pedro (your Notorious Shout! DJs) are closing the book on the party and Sunday is going to be the last Shout! ever with Steve and Pedro. Don’t believe me? Read it from the horse’s mouth:

Subject:steve and pedro’s LAST SHOUT!!!

Body:believe it, it’s true!

It’s time for the next chapter in the life of the NSDJs so this Sunday will be our last Shout!.

we did want to thank you for everything. you let us get away with murder. 1 hour long sets of obscure hi-energy funk-disco instrumentals? Not forcing us to resort to the hits? Letting us get away with things like old skool hip hop in the middle of a rock set and cheesy big 80s anthems before others sank their claws into them? Outrageous! In fact, nothing short of ***miraculous***! and that’s only the last three years! it’s hard to imagine a New York City today that would let something like that happen again. We were genuinely and truly lucky and grateful that you supported us in all our craziness… since 1997!

We’re going to miss you and shout! and we’re really grateful that you let us do what we did. We will never forget it. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no next chapter! Come say goodbye to us this sunday. Come early. Dance early. Party hearty. It will be fun, it truly is our last hurrah.

x o N S D J s, aka your friends Steve and Pedro

Daniel V and Andrae’s Dress Onsale

Now’s your chance to get a piece of Daniel “I’m so cute in an art school way” V and Andrae from “Project Runway“. As the winners of the Banana Republic challenge, their design is now for sale on the store for $268.00. You could also get the actual dress they worked on at the Project Runway Auction–current bidding is at $225.00.

I was actually one of those people who voted at the design challenge. Who did I cast my ballot for? The black and white dress by Zulema and Kara.  Apparently you can see me peeping over Tim Gunn‘s shoulder during the segment. Hah!

M-O-R-N-I-N-G-W-O-O-D Plays Bowery Ballroom

Dear Morningwood, I’m sending you my dry cleaning bill in a few days because when your troupe of undergarment-wearing dancers came and sprayed the audience with champagne you got it all over my silk shirt. Thanks. But the show was fun. The gaggle of 18-year-old girls surrounding me were having a blast throwing confetti. I still have the sparkles stuck in some of my body’s crevices.

The Exit also played, and I manged to catch most of their set. I was surprised how much they rocked. Really strong musicianship.


Last Night’s Listening Party: The Black Spoons

The Black Spoons listening party at the Knitting Factory on Monday included cute little listening stations featuring “the making of” out takes for some of the songs on their upcoming album produced by Paul Mahajan (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, The National…), which is dropping in April of this year. The one pictured below was the station for “If You Loved Me, I’d Be Home Right Now” and a bag of Sun Chips was placed with the CD player because apparently during the recording of the song Tom, Dave, and Ruben, got into when Tom asked Ruben to move his bag of Sun Chips. Gotta say, Sun Chips are pretty awesome. Original is my favorite (blue bag). Look out for a Black Spoons national tour and a NYC show at the KF later this month.

Black Spoons Listening Party

Face It, “Match Point” Isn’t a Great Movie

Ok sometime before the New Year I saw that new Woody Allen movie “Match Point” in a totally packed theater. I was totally looking forward to it having skimmed some very positive reviews. So you can imagine how bummed out I was that it was so…not great. Like really not great. Uuuughhh.

In the movie I felt that Scarlet Johanson would have trouble acting herself out of a paper bag. She seemed uncomfortable and awkward and stiff. Jonny Rhys Meyers was beautiful of course, but too bad the writing and plot were so awful. I thought the best performance by far was given by Matthew “Chasing Liberty” Goode, who played Tom. He he had that wonderful, natural air of entitlement. Brilliant.

But the movie itself was so boring and drawn out. I couldn’t wait until it was over. It was like “Wimbledon” meets “The Talented Mr. Ripley” except not as good as either one of those films. Uuuughhh…

What was up with all those rave reviews? Am I totally missing something? It’s like when people say that Jake Gyllenhaal gave a wonderful “subtle” and “nuanced” performance in “Brokeback Mountain.” His performance was so subtle in it’s wonderfulness that I totally missed it. Now Heath Ledger on the other hand…

Jack White Left Speechless for the Next 2 Weeks

This just in from the White Stripes‘ official newsletter:

The White Stripes are unfortunately postponing their upcoming Japanese tour dates because Jack White is suffering from an acute vocal cord problem.

As part of his treatment, the doctors have instructed Jack not to speak or sing for the next 2 weeks.

We sincerely apologize to our Japanese fans and friends and hope to reschedule dates as soon as we can. For our friends in New Zealand and Australia, the band looks forward to seeing you at the Big Day Out.


The White Stripes newsletter team

Poor Jack. I think now would be a great time for him to rest up, kick back and relax by taking a sip of a nice refreshing Coca-Cola, don’t you? Or, who else is voting for Meg White to just do the whole Japanese tour solo?

Well, in the meantime you can buy the entire White Stripes video catalog off of iTunes–From “Hotel Yorba” to “My Doorbell.” Radtastic.

What Would Be the Theme Song for the “L.E.S.” TV Pilot?

They’re young, they’re hip, they’re sexy, and they have to pay the rent…it’s your new favorite show “L.E.S.” and it’s coming to FOX this April!

Ok, none of that is true (yet), but were you just totally laughing your butt off when you read this NY Times article about 126 Rivington like I was? It’s the “true” story of how 126 Rivington is apparently the most swinging “Melrose Place”-like apartment in the city. But all you really need to know is that Piper Perabo lives next door. Helloooo “Coyote Ugly”!

I’m sure some network and/or tv writer is going to make this into the “Central Park West” of 2006. But the real question is would they be required to make a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or We Are Scientists tune the theme song?