Alison Mosshart and Dave Gahan Faces for J.Lindeberg

Check it out, it’s Alison Mosshart from The Kills and Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode making pretty for the camera…all for the Spring/Summer 2006 J. Lindeberg campaign. Dave looks ridiculously sexy for a man of his age and Alison looks great in the one photo with her wearing the vest, but there’s an unfortunate picture of her looking like a drowned rat while being made to wear the denim equivalent of “jam shorts.”

Also, someone please give her a sandwich. The girl can’t live on cigarettes and alcohol alone, can she? Her glamourous thinnest of the thin look is certainly a far cry from her days in the punk band Discount (see below).


Dave Gahan for J. Lindeberg

Alison Mosshard for J. Lindeberg


Michael Pitt’s Band to Release Album in June

What would 2006 be without a record release by everyone’s favorite band fronted by Michael Pitt, Pagoda. The un-named full length will be released on Thurston Moore‘s label, Ecstatic Peace, in June of this year.

If you’re itching to see them live, head over to PAs Lounge in Somersville, MA on Monday, January 23rd @8:30pm. Pagoda will be playing with guest opener, Jamie–another Brooklyn-based band. This show will also be the first show the band will play since October of last year. Can’t make it to MA? Try their DC show at the Black Cat on Jan 26. Tickets are 7 bucks. No word just yet on any NYC shows.

Pagoda flyer MA

RELATED LINK: Photos of Pagoda I took last year.

DEV2.0 Is Like Kidz Bop on Crack

I still cannot believe this. Legendary electro-punk band DEVO has paired up with Disney to create a CD and DVD of a quintent of kids performing Devo songs like “Whip It” and “Cyclops.” Devo bassist and co-founder Gerry Casale is the director of all of the videos featured in the DEV2.0 DVD.

Yes, that’s right. 10-year-olds singing “Whip It.” There is something slightly wrong with that.

Find all of this too ridiculous to believe? I’m sorry but it’s true and here’s the video to prove it. Notice the hilarious hand blenders that “whip it” throughout the video (Link from

DOWNLOAD: “Whip It” by DEV2.0 (WMV)

DEV2.0 Whip It video

Gossip, Golden Globes, and The Simpsons

Yes yes, thank you to everyone who wrote in telling me that the White Stripes are going to be on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons, but I thought this news was old…I could swear I heard about it ages ago…or maybe that was my psychic WS thinking. Is Karen officially pregnant yet?

Speaking of celebrity procreation, fellow musician Chris Martin and his Estee Lauder-hawking wife Gwyneth Paltrow are DEFINITELY having another baby. If you saw Gwynie on the Golden Globes you know this is true. My grandmother’s reaction to Paltrow when presenting the Cecil B. DeMille award to Sir Anthony Hopkins, “She looks fat.” It was only after I told her that she probably was pregnant that she found Gwyneth’s full face acceptable.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Golden Globes

More on the Golden Globes, how retarded CUTE are Heath and Michelle? They are so the new Reese and Ryan, except in Heath and Michelle’s case they are both talented. Michelle was wearing the most adorable purple dress, and in every photo series of them there is at least one (if not more) photo of them looking at each other all googly-eyed. I usually do not fall for celebrity couples, but I absolutely L-O-V-E them. (What were you thinking Naomi Watts?!?)

Although it should be noted I still do kinda love Reese Witherspoon because I saw her being interviewed right after her Golden Globe win for Walk the Line by that woman Julianna from E! and she was so nice and didn’t throw up when asked lame questions.

Golden Globe couples

I didn’t watch most of the Golden Globes, but I did manage to catch Melanie Griffith looking like a train wreck. Woah! What happened there? What else was “yay”? Joaquin Phoenix, Mary Louise Parker, and Jonny Rhys Meyers winning. What was “boo”? Anne Hathaway‘s makeup and dress. Ugghh! Girl got attacked with super red lipstick and what looked like one of Sasha Cohen‘s old skating outfits. Um…and I don’t know what this is, but it’s a bit terrifying.

Jorm Spaz-Dances to Death Cab for Cutie

Ahahaha. In the great tradition of Soy Bomb and CYHSY Khaki Man comes Jorm from The Lonely Island caught spazstically dancing shirtless during the SNL rehersal for Death Cab for Cutie‘s musical performance this past weekend. You will never ever dance to Death Cab in the same way after watching this. Link from the Oh So Quiet Show.

DOWNLOAD: Jorm from The Lonely Island dancing to Death Cab for Cutie (MP4)

Jorm dancing to death cab

In other Death Cab news, this bit about their “Directions” series:

Death Cab for Cutie has announced details of their upcoming “DIRECTIONS,” an innovative anthology of 12 short films inspired by each song on the band’s acclaimed album PLANS. Every song will be delivered by a different director. 11 of the videos will be unveiled one by one at The first of which will be ‘Marching Bands of Manhattan’ on January 23. The entire collection will be available on dvd to purchase April 11, 2006. Among the filmmakers contributing to “DIRECTIONS” are Lance Bangs, P.R. Brown, Ace Norton, Jeffrey Brown, Lightborne, Autumn de Wilde, Rob Schrab, Laurent Briet and Monkmus, as well as Aaron Stewart-Ahn . Be sure and check the website for more details in the coming days!

Lou Reed Exhibits His Photography in NYC

Starting January 20th, music legend Lou Reed will have two similtaneous exhibits of his New York City photography. You can catch him at the Steven Kasher Gallery in West Chelsea and at the Gallery at Hermes.

All of the photos were shot on a digital camera, so maybe the next time you’re at a hipster concert and some old dude with glasses is snapping away next to you, you might want to think twice before rolling your eyes at him–maybe it’s Lou Reed. (I’m kidding…I think.)

Also, found this quote from a recent NY Magazine interview amusing:

Could the Strokes exist without you?

Of course they could exist without me. Everybody and everything could exist without me. For sure.

Lou Reed Snapper

Lou Reed Topple

Japhy Grant “Fixes It” for Grizzly Bear

I’m always so happy to tell y’all about what some of my friends are doing. I know Japhy Grant from a friend in college. A couple years ago he moved out to LA to be all Hollywood and possibly to get natural highlights. But now he’s emerged onto the indie rock scene as the director of Grizzly Bear‘s new video for their song “Fix It.” Jim at Stereogum is diggin it as well. It’s harder to decide who’s more adorable, Grizzly Bear or Japhy.

Watch the video right here.

Japhy and Grizzly Bear

Steve and Pedro’s Last Shout!

For nearly 8 years Steve and Pedro have been spinning the baddest blend of soul, rock, and pop at their weekly night Shout! @ Bar 13. But now they have left us to head off and open a new club in their hometown of Miami.

Knowing all of this, I absolutely had to head out and soak in the last Steve and Pedro Shout! yesterday night. All the kids came out to take one last shuffle on the dancefloors.

Jeppe from Junior Senior (He’s the bigger one with the ‘stache.) hit the decks spinning a fantastic mix of hip hop and pop up on the second floor. In fact, his set was so hot that he set off the fire alarm and everyone had to evacuate the floor. True story.

Everyone was crammed onto floor one, and even if a few toes were stepped upon I think everyone had a great time. I left a little bit before 4am, right in the midst of Pedro freaking everyone out with his awesome song choices like the Rolling Stones‘ “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.” But according to Hightower, the last song of the night was “All Things Must Pass” by George Harrison.

Let’s hear it for the boys for giving NYC so many great nights of dancing and music and wish them luck!





More photos after the jump or view the full set at Flickr.

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The Cobra Snake Merchandising

Now would be a good time for anyone with a weak stomach to STOP READING THIS POST.

Call it the return of the technicolor blog tshirts, or Revenge of the Pink Is the New Blog Tees but Mark of has taken it upon himself to make sea green and hot pink t-shirts of himself wearing a striped bikini. They are very much in the same style as the t-shirts David “Whirlwind Heat” Swanson designed for Terry Richardson.

He’s selling it for $25 plus S+H. (Which stands for “Sh-ts and Hugs”…I think.) Don’t have the Hamiltons to drop? Don’t worry, he’s also hawking buttons and stickers.

Now is it just me or do you also think that American Apparel should probably be all over this crap?

Cobra Snake tshirts