Jack White Performs “Love Interruption” on SNL – 3/3/12

Last night Mr. Jack White made his tv debut as a solo artist on Saturday Night Live. Check out the performance below:

What do you think of Jack going solo?

Also performed “Sixteen Saltines”:

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3 replies on “Jack White Performs “Love Interruption” on SNL – 3/3/12”

  1. The man is a genius. Very few musical artists, anymore, give me that exciting- chills-inducing energy- Listening to Mr. Jack White make music is- to me, like discovering the Rolling Stones all over again…but I am talking about their whole catalogue-especially the early stuff.
    I look forward to the record…and hope to see him on tour in San Francisco/Bay Area.

  2. Finally. I appreciate his efforts with his other bands and I love Meg dearly, but he needed to be up front and playing with real musicians. This was spectacular, and he looks fab. I look forward to more!

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