Coldplay Live on Letterman in NYC – 9/20/11

Longtime readers of this site will already be accustomed to my undying, uncool devotion to the British “rock” band Coldplay.
But it is due to this broadcasting of affection that people end up being so generous whenever the band rolls into town.

Waiting to head into the Ed Sullivan Theater

Thanks to the unbelievable kindness of Product Shop NYC, last night I was lucky enough to attend Coldplay’s Live on Letterman webcast taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater right here in NYC.

Amazing lasers and lots of crazy colors filled the stage.

It was basically 50 minutes of pure joy for me. The band played a handful of new songs off their upcoming album Mylo Xyloto — “Major Minus,” “Hurts Like Heaven,” “Charlie Brown,” and my personal favorite, “Paradise” — as well as all the greatest hits (“Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “Viva la Vida,” “Fix You,” etc.).

As always, Chris, Jonny, Will, and Guy were the consummate professionals, pounding out song after song with an unfaltering level of energy and passion.

Performing “Us Against The World”

There were two encores, both new songs. For the very last song, “Us Against The World,” the mic setup was not working for Chris’s guitar so with some urging from a dude in the crowd, he went acoustic, singing the first quarter of the song sitting on a stool, by himself in the center of the stage, with the rest of the guys quietly creeping behind to then join him in the song.

Fan video of “Us Against the World”:

After I got out of the show I read a text from my mom saying that she saw me on the webcast. MY MOM STILL LOVES COLDPLAY!


You can read an excellent summary of the night over at the CP Roadie Blog.

Songs played, according to my mom’s email:

In My Place
Major Minus
Viva La Vida
Charlie Brown
The Scientist
Fix Me
Every Tear Is A Waterfall
Us Against The World

Printed setlist

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