I Love You Jesse Eisenberg – AKA the Day My Brain Exploded

If you have been following my Twitter, you’ll know that on Friday I was in spitting distance of the man I like to call “Sir Eisenhair” or as my friend Adam Kuban so cleverly re-named him, “Jeisenhair”.

Yes, that’s right — I was in the midst of Mr. Jesse Eisenberg!!!

He was at the SoHo Apple store for a “Meet the Filmmaker” talk to promote his new movie, 30 Minutes or Less.

Is he smiling at me? Er... Nope.

Jesse was completely awkward (of course), spending most of the time hunched over himself, at a consistent level of discomfort with the entire situation. Half the time was spent with the interviewer from Movieline asking a few questions in-between showing movie clips, and the other half was spent on audience questions.

Jesse watching himself on-screen

No real revelations during the talk — just two kinda interesting/funny things: one was during the moderator questions Jesse revealed that The Education of Charlie Banks director, and former Limp Bizkit front-man, Fred Durst, was mentored in the art of movie directing by none other than David Fincher. And it was because David Fincher had sat in on the editing of The Education of Charlie Banks that he became familiar with Jesse’s work — which ultimately helped him land the part of Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.

The second thing of note was when a girl asked Jesse how he felt about a recent New York Times article about male archetypes in films which classified him and Michael Cera as the reigning kings of the cerebral, socially awkward “wimps”, and if he agreed with that classification of his acting and work. “Thank you for coming,” he began in his response, which elicited a big laugh, and then proceeded to talk about how he never reads things about himself because reading things like that article make him sad.

In the following question a guy asked Jesse about the play that he had written (Asuncion) and what it was about, Jesse responded that he didn’t want to talk about it because it was about everything that “the other girl” had just mentioned. Awwww!

Lil' summary of Jesse's accomplishments on the screen before he came out.

The good news is that if you weren’t lucky enough to attend the talk, they recorded the whole thing and will be posting it on iTunes. Wahoo!

Posing with some fans after the talk
Signing autographs and posing for a few photos outside the Apple Store

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