The Kooks Make Beautiful Music Once Again @ Bowery Ballroom – 6/27/11

Wow, it’s been just over three years since the last time I saw the Kooks perform live in concert. So I was pretty darn excited to see the British wunderkids at the intimate setting of the Bowery Ballroom.

Just before 10pm, the guys swaggered onto the stage, and the young ladies (let’s call them “Kookies”) in the front of course went mad — screaming and outstretching their arms before a single note was played. When I looked over at Luke Pritchard, I was pleased to see his burning love of V-neck shirts had not been forgotten after all these years — there he was in all his acute angle-loving glory, sporting a red V-neck shirt (seriously, this man has never met a V-neck he couldn’t love), skinny jeans, and boots (obvs.).

The Kooks hit the stage and the crowd went bezerkies.

I don’t know what it is, but there is something so magical about seeing The Kooks live. Without fail, I always have a great time and leave the venue with a smile on my face — and this time was no exception. I started off the show perched in the balcony, but (as anyone who has ever been to a concert with me) about 4 or 5 songs in I could barely contain myself — so I headed down to the floor to be with the “real” fans, and shake my groove thaannng.

The set was a mix of old favorites, like “Naive,” “Seaside” (encore), “Shine On,” and new songs off their forthcoming album, Junk of the Heart, like Lou Reed “Satellite of Love”-esque piano-based B-side “The Saboteur” and the extremely catchy “How D’Ya Like That“.

Pretty lights.

The new songs sound absolutely fantastic — they are a bit more romantic sounding, with a touch of new-wave influence, heavily synth and keyboard based tunes. A nice progression for The Kooks — a softer, more sensitive side, but definitely not faltering on some infectious hooks.

Luke Pritchard‘s got them moves like Jagger.

Something I also find amazing about this band is how polished and professional they are each and every single time I see them. When they come out, they just nail it every time — every Kooks concert is like a “greatest hits” jam because nearly every song they play is extremely catchy. It’s only a testament to their talent as songwriters, consistently churning out winning track after track.

After getting a sneak peek listen at the new songs during this show I CANNOT wait until their new album comes out in September. The boys are back, and better than ever! <3 <3 <3 I know this photo isn’t very good, but this is what I imagine Luke Pritchard looks like in all of those fangirl’s dreams.

Yes, I know, Hugh Harris (aka – “Hugh Kooks”) looks like he’s auditioning for a Flock of Seagulls tribute band, but you gotta love him.

When Luke Pritchard smiles, the whole world (or in this case, Bowery Ballroom) smiles too.

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss!” New drummer Chris Prendergast was pumped!

Thank you, thank you very much.

Girl wills The Kooks back to the stage via lit lighter.

This girl got up on some dude’s shoulders and clearly wanted to make love to Luke Pritchard.

“Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Catch you later dudes and dudettes!”

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  1. Saw the last week in San Francisco, at the fantastically small Slim’s, and was wow-ed bigtime by the polish and energy of these guys. Your review captured what we experienced. Thanks!

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