Why Are My Favorite Songs Never Popular? Jack White/”Rome” Edition

I’m sure some of you must’ve been wondering if I’d fallen off the face of the planet and totally forgotten about Jack White now that the White Stripes are dunzo.

No, of course not! But I have to say, with all his little side projects and record label business, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of today’s man in black.

So yes, I have heard the new Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi collaboration, Rome, which features the vocals of one Miss Norah Jones and one Mister Jack White. Yes, some of it does really sound very Broken Bells-ish, but it actually also reminds me a lot of the 1960’s retro sound of Air’s Moon Safari or their work on the Virgin Suicides soundtrack.

Jones singing contributions (as demonstrated on songs like “Black” and “Problem Queen”) are much more grounded than the ethereal vocals of Air’s work and even James Mercer’s work with Broken Bells. Her sounds definitely sound friendlier and more poppy when compared with the tunes where Jack lends his always compelling creepy, shaky, and slightly psychotic sounding voice. Songs sung by Jack, like “The Rose with the Broken Neck” are deliciously dark and sinister sounding.

I recently was reading an article written by my brilliant, beautiful friend Lizzy Goodman for NY Magazine in which three folks (including one Brian Battjer, of I Keep a Diary fame) gave their opinion about Rome, and I was nearly horrified that not one of them picked MY most favorite song off the album as their pick for top tune on the LP!!

Seriously people, Two Against One” (sung by Jack White) is CLEARLY the best song on the record. If you don’t instantly fall in love with this song upon hearing it, then I don’t think we can be friends:

The rushed tempo at the end of the chorus just kills me every time. And of course it’s so perfect that it’s two against one (2 +1 = 3 … Jack’s most favorite number, obvs). The jazzy drum tempo and the ghostly female background vocals just make this tune a freaking slam dunk IMHO.

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