Let’s Juicebox Their Faces Off – The Strokes @ Coachella

Video of The Strokes performing “Juicebox” live at Coachella 2011

I kind of want to live by these words.

I wonder what that would look like…

Thnx Julian Casablancas and your wonderful stage banter! What a perfect Casablancasism.

BTW, “Under Control” is pretty much one of my favorite Strokes songs ever:

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3 replies on “Let’s Juicebox Their Faces Off – The Strokes @ Coachella”

  1. Seriously. Worst stage banter ever. People just wanted to love them but he was making it so hard.

    He’s lucky everyone was messed up and just wanted to dance or he’d have been bottled.

  2. Julian’s voice can stroke the brain into a euphoric trance, the beat of the music and lights makes my heart race to where it wants to run from the room, but listening to the orgasmic and ever enticing music of the strokes is a place i will never want to leave…

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