LCD Soundsystem Blow My Mind with a Harry Nilsson Cover – 3/30/11

Wow. My second LCD Soundsystem farewell show @ Terminal 5. Definitely way crazier than the first night’s gig.

I nearly DIED when they broke into my absolute favorite Harry Nilsson song, “Jump Into the Fire,” during their encore. Check out Bromander-in-Chief James Murphy totally killing it in this video I took of the song:

VIDEO: “Jump Into the Fire” by LCD Soundsystem (Nilsson cover)

“I love you New York, but you’re bringing me down.”

Some random observations:

I kinda love LCD shows because it totally brings out the most ridiculously outfitted men:

  • So MANY freaking dudes in white shirts and black ties. I call it the “broniform.”
  • One dude wore a leather jacket the entire time while in the pit. Necessary.
  • Two guys behind me had homemade “DANCE YRSELF CLEAN” t-shirts (Hanes tees with Sharpie writing on them). I’m going to assume they came together…and that they went to braid each other’s hair and talk about James Murphy after the show.

During Shit Robot’s set, people started “woo”-ing when a pre-recorded video James Murphy’s face came up on the screen during his guest vocals on “Losing My Patience.” Really guys?

Incredible number glow sticks flying in the air with a competition between upper and lower levels breaking out in a beautiful neon war! (I swear, I didn’t bring them.)

Hey heavyset drunk girl one song into the concert, maybe you should take a seat somewhere — preferable not in the middle of the dance floor.

During the show I was really tired, but now I’m horribly sad that I’m not going to get to go tomorrow. Something about being there — truly one of the most fun concerts to be at, such a great vibe, and crazy dancing. It feels amazing to just launch into a group of people and dance like a maniac to some of the smartest, coolest, dance music ever — being played LIVE.

Shit Robot was the opener. So glad I didn’t end up wearing my neon green glowing robot head too. That would have been soooo embarrassing!

Nancy Whang came out to sing vocals on her totally awesome song w/ Shit Robot, “Take ‘Em Up”. It got real meta real fast. Nancy Whangs, don’t you walk away from Nancy Whang!

James Murphy was on his way to a board meeting, but stopped by to sing some songs.

Oh look, it’s someone crowd surfing. This guy actually had a pretty good run before he was dropped.

Another special moment captured in the best way we know how to record contemporary events — with a cell phone.

Oh let me guess, this crowd photo is going up on the internet.

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