LCD Soundsystem’s Farewell Concert Series @ Terminal 5 – 3/28/11

A last minute ticket came through for tonight’s LCD Soundsystem final shows blowout at Terminal 5. It’s been years and years since I last saw LCD Soundsystem, but they have always remained in my mind as one of the premiere effortlessly cool bands from NYC.

Up at the front it was a dirty, sticky, absolutely sweaty mess. I have never felt so much back sweat from so many different people.

Sure this looks like fun, but what you don’t see is everyone’s back sweat dripping down the sides of my arms.

Bromance was in full effect, with weirdly a majority of the audience on the floor being made up of bros. Bros who were just happy to be with their fellow bros, dancing to the tunes of the head bro, James Murphy.

All by myseeeeelllfffffffff….

Bromaner-in-Chief, James Murphy. Guys want to be him, girls want to give him a hug.

One bro at the bar took it too far — putting on the farewell t-shirt before the gig even began.

Seriously, the line to the men’s bathroom was incredibly long — the line for the women’s, not so much. I’ve NEVER seen that happen before.

They pretty much played all the hits during a three-part set that spanned from 9pm – 12 pm. That’s a lot of sweaty dancing for your money — a good value, if I do say so myself. If you can last that long, I have some recommendations to the folks going to the next few nights of shows:

  • Don’t wear anything you’re not OK with getting completely destroyed, spit on, spilled on, etc.
  • Wear layers. I ended up ripping off about three of the layers I was wearing in a simple effort not to get overheated.
  • Do NOT wear jewelry or accessories. Within minutes of the show starting I had already taken off and stored my necklace. A few songs later I had to take off my belt so I could take off more clothes.
  • If you are a lady and you can’t see, find a bunch of bros who look like they are trying to have a good time and dance near them until they let you in front of them. It works, trust me. They are just happy to see someone who does not have a stone cold face and looks like they are explicitly there NOT to have fun — because there sure were a lot of those folks out there as well.
  • Expect to see lots of chubbyish white guys with beards, white shirts, and black ties on the dance floor. Ladies, don’t let those beer goggles fool you, none of them are James Murphy.

Special apologies to the dude who’s mouth I accidentally hit on the inside. Your open mouth + my wild hand = disaster. Never before have I ever stopped to think, “did someone just bite me?” during a show.

Other random notes:

Reggie Watts came out and did “You Can’t Hide (Shame On You)”:

Openers were Liquid Liquid.

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  1. sounds amazing
    we are hoping to in from whistler in canada for the show on thursday night – does anyone know if they sell tickets on the door??

  2. on Monday night they were definitely selling tickets at the door. I think there were at least 150 at the door. you should also try Ticketmaster — they have been releasing tickets. there might even be some available now.

  3. Rule #1: DO NOT wear the name of said artist playing that night…we know youre a fan genius, youre at the f’n show…show looks like douche central (i.e. nice jeans homo) and sounds like a nasty mess of bodily liquid.

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