March Madness: My Homemade Strokes T-Shirt

Ok guys, it’s about to get real personal right now. Over the course of Strokes March Madness I’ve shown you Strokes shoelaces, old concert photos taken on 35mm film, old newspaper flyers, and even shared a mp3 of a cassette tape recording of a live Strokes show from 2001, but I have yet to put up anything I actually made with my own two hands.

Now again, this was 10 years ago and my much much younger self thought that it would be soooo funny to make my own conversational Strokes t-shirt to wear at non-Strokes concerts. I was really into weird novelty t-shirts at the time, so I believed a cleverly-phrased custom shirt was a way to let fellow concertgoers know about my interest in The Strokes while being cool enough to make fun of the fact that I was a Strokes fan.

(You have to remember, in the early 2000s the Strokes were the most hyped band in the US and the UK, so anyone from New York had to also be mildly blase about the fact that they were a fan. Being too outwardly enthusiastic about them could be perceived as very uncool — like wearing a t-shirt of the band you are going to see.)

So what was a girl to do? Get out some scissors, fabric paint, and a stencil set of course!

Well the front seems pretty normal, right?


I remember I wore this shirt to a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show at the Bowery Ballroom. You know what else I was wearing that night? A screen-printed trucker hat.

Yup. I went there.

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