March Madness: Nikolai Fraiture @ The Vanderbilt

Here’s another photo from that glorious night at The Strokes show in November 2001. This time it’s a photo of a young Nikolai Fraiture — clutching a beer, sporting a workman-style outfit, and donning that classic pageboy haircut.

Nikolai Fraiture

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3 replies on “March Madness: Nikolai Fraiture @ The Vanderbilt”

  1. I’m loving this ‘March Madness’ stuff! Do you have any screenshots of or the old Strokes MB? I remember the drama over there was insane and I just love a good Strokes story! There were quite a few rumors and from what I remember, the stories were crazy.

    Thanks again!

  2. Yeah, I was about 14 when I first got into The Strokes, right after the EP came out cause my dad had it… I remember being absolutely petrified to post on the board, I’d troll it so badly though!

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