1980s Flashback: Puffball Popple

I have tons and tons of old paraphernalia at my mom’s house, and I’ve been going through some of it and some of the stuff I saved is just too good not to share with the rest of the world. So for your first installment of “Stuff I’ve Saved” I brought out the big guns — my 1980s Popple. This one was called Puffball — it was one of the original nine Popples that came out.

As you may remember, Popples could tuck themselves into a ball of fuzzy goodness thanks to their built-in pouch:

I used to love popping my Popple in and out of her pouch.

What a cutie!

Did y’all have a Popple growing up?

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2 replies on “1980s Flashback: Puffball Popple”

  1. I totally had popples!
    I bring them up in “remember that?” conversations and I always get blank stares.

    Proof I did not make them up!

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