Reasons Why the Kings of Leon Dude Judged Food on “Iron Chef”

Just a few days ago the episode of Iron Chef featuring Kings of Leon front man Caleb Followill as one of the guest judges was finally aired on the Food Network. The segment (which was filmed over a year ago) features Caleb dispensing refined culinary judgment (“it could have used a little bit of salt,” “is it OK if you eat it all?”) about the chef’s preparation of the secret ingredient: veal.

But I gotta say, the combo of a perpetually bearded rock musician with a food competition doesn’t seem the likeliest of pairings, so what could have been the reason why Caleb agreed to be a judge? Some possible answers:

1. Was told the secret ingredient was going to be pigeon.
2. Man cannot live on BBQ and beer alone.
3. Two word: flavor saver.

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