Ryan Adams Dresses Down for Mandy Moore’s Big “Tangled” Premiere

Last night was the LA premiere of the new animated Disney princess flick, Tangled, for which Mandy Moore lent her sugary sweet voice to the character of Rapunzel.

While Mandy was decked out in a futuristic-looking hot pink one-shoulder dress, Ry Ry chose to go casual with his standard checked shirt + jeans ensemble.

I gotta say, these two look so happy together. They look like such a great couple.

On the “awww” mushy note, take a listen to this rendition of Ryan and Mandy doing a “Oh My Sweet Carolina” duet during a rehearsal for a 826LA benefit from last month hosted by Judd Apatow. Adorable!

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2 replies on “Ryan Adams Dresses Down for Mandy Moore’s Big “Tangled” Premiere”

  1. UUUrrrgghh! I’ve got to admit you are right, they do look very happy. Selfishly I thought they’d only last 5 minutes! I am jealous in the way Lennon fans hated Yoko Ono!

  2. they really didn’t make all that much sense to me when they first started dating but I like how she seems to have mellowed him out. of all Ryan’s known lady-friends I like Mandy the most.

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