CMJ 2010: Day 1 – Class Actress and Silverghost

Ah, the annual running of the music hipsters — aka CMJ. The annual College Music Journal’s music festival hits New York once a year in an effort to give fledgling bands the opportunity to get seen by industry honchos, journalists, bloggers, and the odd fan or two who forked over a pretty penny for a badge.

I started out my conquest of CMJ 2010 slowly, with a light day one – heading over to Lovin’ Cup’s back room performance space, Cameo Gallery to see Class Actress. I had high hopes for the Brooklyn-based artist also known as Elizabeth Harper after becoming a fan of her song “Journal of Ardency.” With it’s synth-heavy vibe and sexy vocal track, the tune is made to be played in a dark and dirty club to get all the ladies dancing in a lascivious manner. I thought it had true potential to be pretty amazing in the flesh.

Soon after I arrived Ms. Harper, wearing black harem pants and a white tank top, and her band took the stage. And as I said before, I was pretty excited to be there, having picked Class Actress as one of the bands I was most excited to see perform at CMJ however, I was really disappointed with the performance I witnessed. I’m not sure whether it was the sound or the backing band’s familiarity with the songs, but the keyboards sounded a bit off and sour.

That said, synths can sometimes inherently sound cheap and horrible, but this in combo with the surprisingly weak vocals by Ms. Harper was the kiss of death. While in the recorded material Ms. Harper’s breathy vocals come off as sexy, during a live show it just doesn’t work the same way. In fact, her tenuous singing voice didn’t come off as a stylistic choice so much as a questionable ability to sing in the first place. No amount of hip swiveling or running hand through hair was going to save this set from sinking.

I really don’t feel all that great about crapping on people’s performances because I know how hard it must be to get up there on the stage and put yourself out there for people like me to judge you, but I’d be lying to y’all if I didn’t really say how I felt about the show.

I almost couldn’t believe how bad it was — I stuck through the entire act hoping that those first few songs were just a fluke — that Ms. Harper had been struck with some kind of vocal performance amnesia and that any second she would snap out of it and I could breathe a sigh of relief– but when she broke into my aforementioned favorite Class Actress song, my worst fears were confirmed: Elizabeth Harper is way better in the studio than she is live. Which I guess is fine — it works for successful performers like Madonna and Taylor Swift, who pretty much cannot sing a lick onstage but still sell millions of albums and concert tickets — but knowing that I probably would think long and hard before ever seeing Class Actress again live.

At this point in the evening it was pretty late and past midnight. Feeling completely deflated from the disappointing gig I’d just seen, I popped by Knitting Factory on my way home to see if I could tough it out for the 1 AM performance by Marcie “Von Bondie” Bolan‘s new two-piece band, Silverghost.

I was in fact able to stay on my feet to catch a few songs. I was pleased with Silverghost — their songs remind me a little bit of the sound of that Louis XIV (remember them?) song “Finding Out True Love Is Blind” with the canned drum machine beats poking through the breaks in Marcie Bolan’s searing guitar riffs.

Some more photos from CMJ Day 1:

Old timers will remember that the ritual of picking up the badge used to take everyone to the wasteland that was the Hilton in midtown. But in more recent years CMJ teamed up with NYU to place the badge pick-up in the much more downtown-friendly location of Judson Church across from Washington Square Park, in the heart of ol’ New York University’s domain.

Ooooh! They sparkle! Pretty.

Hit up the SPIN party at…SPiN NY, that ping pong club on 23rd Street
SPIN party at SPiN

New York-based band Mon Khmer @ Cameo Gallery

Decorations in Camero Gallery

Home Video @ Knitting Factory

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