Some Moments from CMJ 2010

So I pretty much have not gotten any sleep the last two days and have had no time to blog because I’ve been too busy bouncing from show to show and have had little time to blog (with the exception of mobile blogging when I have reception).

But here are some shots from the shows from just a few of the shows I’ve hit during CMJ:

Tuesday, October 19th

CLASS ACTRESS @ Cameo Gallery
Elizabeth Harper of Class Actress
Verdict: Although I love some of her songs, I was sadly not at all thrilled with Elizabeth Harper‘s performance. Weak vocals and some awkward on-stage dance moves. Now I know how Avril Lavigne fans must feel after a live show.

Wednesday, October 20th


Verdict: Well worth their hype. These dudes from “The D” are funny and super talented. Would definitely see them again in their full jumpsuit glory. Funny bit from the show — that their set was so stripped down they were wearing the clothes they wear UNDER their jumpsuits. A few jokes about handing out comment cards “like they do on Top Chef.” Don’t forget, “5” means awful and “1” means awesome. 🙂

THE DRUMS @ Webster Hall

Verdict: Totally gaymazing live. SUPER fancy, fabulous hand gestures and dance moves, but in the most brilliant way possible. These hometown boys don’t come off phoney or fake, genuine talent and obviously driven. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

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