The Strokes Return to NYC Stage at Hilfiger Party @ The Met

Like many peeps who weren’t able to make it to The Strokes hometown return at the ultra-exclusive Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary party at the Metropolitan Opera House night, I had a super-intense dream I was seeing the Strokes (in some dingy LA club for some reason).

But alas, the dream wasn’t true…but what did happen was that 1,200 invited guests (including folks like Neil Patrick Harris, the cast of Gossip Girl, and J. Lo, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, according to and NYLON) were treated to an 8-song set on the terrace level of the venerable opera house.

I’ve scoured the internet, and these are the top things I think you’ll want to know that went down at the gig:

1. Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, always a snazzy dresser, was wearing a black leather jacket, a (yellow?) baseball cap, and white sunglasses.

Cory Kennedy’s Twitter

2. They performed their first US single, “Last Nite,” and someone did a video:

3. The giant Swarovski crystal chandelier at the Met was hanging directly in front of the stage the band performed on:

Mercedes Funes’s Twitpic

4. NPH tweeted from the balcony, “After party at the frigging metropolitan opera! Watching the Strokes perform. In the lobby! Unreal.” Here was his view:

NPH’s Twitter

5. The band played 8 songs: “New York City Cops,” “Hard to Explain,” “You Only Live Once,” “Reptilia,” “Last Nite,” “Someday,” and two more (?) UPDATE: “Juicebox” and “12:51” were also played.

6. Wireimage shots of the gig.


7. More video and photos posted on,, and

Another video of “Last Nite”:

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  1. The Strokes played exactly 30 minutes, 8 songs.

    The setlist:

    NYC Cops
    Hard to Explain
    You Only Live Once
    Last Nite
    Juicebox (Fab on drums)

    The concert took place in the Met Opera House lobby. They played on a veranda above the first flight of stairs. Full liguor open bar all night & h’orderves. Julian wore a bright neon cap and sunglasses the whole time. Julian was in good spirits and more talkative and jovial than normal; “This is really fun to uh…play the Met Opera… lobby” and “Thank you, happy new year.” (Is Julian Jewish? At least he didn’t say happy 9/11)

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