A-Holes Reveal How Big of A-Holes They Are to the NY Times

Have you read this New York Times story about people who leave their air conditioning on all day long? The reason many of them leave their AC on? Because electrical utilities are included in their monthly rent!!!

Many of these people claim that they keep their AC on in sympathy for their pets, which I get, but c’mon — you do NOT need all units in your apartment turned up full blast. News flash — your dog/cat WILL LIVE if your apartment is 78 degrees!!

Listen to this quote from Danielle, a social worker living in Stuyvesant Town who leaves two units running all day long for her purse-size dog:

“I don’t want to walk into a hot apartment at the end of the day… It’s nice to not have to worry about it.”

I guess Danielle’s empathy only runs as far as helping people. She probably comes home to her arctic chilled apartment and slips into a nice and comfortable “eff the environment” t-shirt. I wonder if that’s after she turns off the TV that’s been blasting all day long because her pint-sized dog really likes to watch soap operas between 1-3 (watching it on DVR later just isn’t the same as watching it live).

Seriously people, even if you don’t have to pay for your electricity, you should be kind to the environment! Leave windows open and turn on a fan your dog/cat can’t knock over or get caught in on the floor, leave plenty of water, and if you MUST, leave the AC on in only one room. Your dog will figure out where in the apt it is the coolest. Your pet will live and the rest of us will thank you for NOT being a giant a-hole.

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