The Morning Benders Help Beautify The Beach @ Governors Island

Saturday night The Morning Benders headlined the free Converse “Gone to Governors” concert series at The Beach on Governors Island.

Against the beautiful backdrop of the waterside beach, the quartet hit the stage after 10pm and played an easy breezy set that pleased the crowd. One special moment was when the band did a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s awesome song “Dreams.”

See video:

Some photos from the gig:

Openers Freelance Whales and Wild Nothing did suitable sets. Freelance Whales has some pretty nice harmonies and cute pop songs that I could totally working for a youthful car commercial. Wild Nothing seem to be riding high on the chillwave… any predictions on how long they’ll be able to hold their momentum?

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4 replies on “The Morning Benders Help Beautify The Beach @ Governors Island”

  1. Thanks for the linkup! Looks like you got to take photos in the photo pit for the 1st 3 songs. I was the really tall kid in the front/middle that you probably noticed looming behind you lol.

  2. MB’s were booooorrinnngg. Is this the current state of indie rock?
    Will, you’re creeping this chick out.

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