More From the “Venison”/Strokes Show @ Dingwalls Last Night

Some more internet finds from the intimate gig last night.

And for everyone who keeps pointing out that The Strokes are doing these gigs “just for the money,” Adam Green says otherwise in the latest issue of NME:

“I think Julian Casablancas only said they were doing this summer’s festival shows for the money to be provocative. I don’t think these guys do anything for the money.”

Almost a day later, not much information past the my initial posting has surfaced about the gig. By most accounts, the show was totally fantastic and made everyone feel like it was the early 2000s once again. “Venison” t-shirts modeled after the original Strokes logo were sold to concertgoers, antler signs and chants of “Venison” were encouraged by the crowd, and at the end of the show Julian declared, “You guys are the f-cking sh-t!”

Addict Music did reveal the one major bummer about the show — as soon as the show was over a pair of overzealous bouncers rushed the front of the crowd and actually took their fists to the faces of members of the crowd in an effort to keep people from jumping onto the stage, even TKO-ing a couple punters in the process. Ouch!

The chica over at She’s Fixing Her Hair has a lovely personal account of the show that superfans should read as well.

Back to the videos/photos…

The anthem of this blog, “The Modern Age”:

Hard to Explain:


BBC Radio6 interviewed fans:

Little Joy’s Binki Shapiro was at the gig and took a photo from the wings:
. DINGWALLS . JUNE 9 2010 . on Twitpic

A shot of a Vension ticket:
Venison ticket Xxx on Twitpic

More over at: Strokes News, NME, BBC Radio6, BBC News, Oh Someday, Brit_Chick‘s Flickr Photos, Debsta_81’s Flickr Photos

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