VIDEO: The Strokes Perform as “Venison” @ Dingwalls, London 6/9/10

As y’all probably know, The Strokes marked their comeback to live performance in four years with a not-so-secret secret show at the tiny club Dingwalls in London, UK tonight, playing under the name “Venison”.

The 500-capacity venue was packed to the gills with fans, industry folks, and even Coldplay’s Chris Martin.
ah, before I go to bed, here's Chris Martin escaping the mob after the gig... :P I'll come back tomorrow

Some super lucky superfans have already put up videos of the performance. Join me in the full “Wish I Was There Experience”.

Setlist according to this Twitpic by T and NME:
NYC Cops/ The Modern Age/ Hard to Explain/ Reptilia/ Whatever Happened/ You Only Live Once/ Soma/ Vision of Division/ I Can’t Win/ Is This It/ Someday/ Red Light/ Last Nite/ Under Control/ 12:51/ Juicebox/ Heart in a Cage/ Take It or Leave It

Julian Casablancas sported a look not too dissimilar from the studded leather jacket + sunglasses indoors look that dominated his solo tour and Nick Valensi wore something that barely looked like a tank top over his sweaty body.

Starting to break out in Strokes fever and wishing I had a Venison t-shirt!

Tonight's t-shirt (that's the front)

Videos (not in order):

Last Nite:

Is This It:

New York City Cops:

Heart In A Cage:

You Only Live Once:


I find it hilarious that the Strokes line looks exactly as it did in 2002:
On the queue

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