Fat Kid Singing Lady Gaga, Apple to Kill Ticketmaster, and More Things that Were Awesome Today

These things made me smile today:

1. Kid singing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Everyone loves overweight white kids named Timmy wearing Mickey Mouse pajamas in his kitchen sharply snapping along the beat to an a capella version of “Bad Romance”. Oh and did I mention he’s singing into a ripened banana?

The best part? Around 3:10 when Timmy starts stomping in rhythm with the song as he chants “Walk, walk fashion baby/Work it/Move that bitch crazy.” You go girl-er-boyfriend!

SOURCE: Youtube via FREEwilliamsburg

2. Apple Aims to Dethrone Ticketmaster(bastard)

Apple applied for a patent to develop an electronic ticketing system connected to iTunes called “Concert Ticket +” SOURCE: Patently Apple

3. New York magazine’s “Approval Matrix” will be made into a TV show.

Bravo is working with (brilliant) former VH1 exec Michael Hirschorn to develop a television show based off the popular “Approval Matrix” feature in New York magazine. SOURCE: NY Post

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