Trying Out Kyochon Chicken in Midtown

Yesterday I went on a spring sale-fueled “shop ’till you drop” rampage, and in the midst of the retail action, I found myself in need of a snack in midtown Manhattan. I remembered hearing that there was a new competitor to the Korean fried chicken staple Mad for Chicken — situated directly across the street — so I headed over to try to find it.

What I found was the brand spanking new, futuristic-looking Kyochon Chicken outpost. With a red and white motif Jack White would approve of, the space was slick — with a striking red glass helix staircase and milky white counter tops. They was a team of girls handing out freebies to passersby. I tried out a sample of the Soy Garlic five-piece which cost me just over $6.00.

The chicken was ready in a matter of minutes and I received a bag with a packet filled with napkins, chopsticks, a wet nap, and one plastic glove (presumably to keep my hand from getting dirty while eating). I headed upstairs to find seating, but quickly realized that the upstairs level was steaming hot (someone get the AC working up there!) so I climbed back down to the main level and sat by the window.

I sat down on one of the clear red plastic chairs and I opened my box of chicken with great excitement — only to be surprised to find tiny tiny chicken wings and drumsticks inside — nowhere near the jumbo limbs you get at Mad for Chicken. 🙁

I bit into the wings — the sauce was tasty, but the chicken meat was dried out and nowhere near as delicious as the big juicy pieces you get at MFC.

All in all the chicken was okay, but definitely not the best Korean fried chicken around — I’ll save that honor for MFC. Would I return? Perhaps — but only if I was short on time and only had 15 minutes to spare. But then again, word is that there is a Bon Chon opening up on the same block — hopefully they’ll get it right.

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