Julian Casablancas @ The Fillmore, March 24th

Just catching up now on ze blogging. A few nights ago I had the pleasure of catching the Julian Casablancas show @ The Fillmore at Irving Plaza for the 101.9 RXP Second Anniversary show.

As you can probably tell from the lack of updates on this site, I haven’t been the *best* at keeping up with the shows, but I knew I would be disappointed with myself if I didn’t head to this show.

I’m happy to report that I was definitely not disappointed with my decision to head to the show. Julian seemed happy and at ease — even more so than the Terminal 5 show I saw him at in January.

He was sporting his latest style (as seen in the “Boombox” video) — with the blue and red stripes and the feather in his hair. The rest of the look included a white and black striped tank top, slim red pants, white Nike high tops and a studded leather jacket.

Julian and the band played a mix of songs off the album (“Ludlow Street”, “Glass” — probably one of my favorite songs off the album, “Out of the Blue”), B-sides (“30 Minute Boyfriend”, “I’ll Try Anything”), and even a new song (simply called “New One” for now), but it was the one-off tunes that really got the crowd going crazy.

For example, when the first few bars of “Hard to Explain” started up, everyone’s ears instantly perked up, and the crowd started cheering. By the time the chorus hit, folks were happily jumping up and down and I’m sure it brought back a lot of fond memories for some of the old-timers (like me) in the crowd. After the song was over, Julian jokingly announce that “that was a new one.”

Another surprise was during the encore when Julian explained that they were about to play a song that people seemed to really like — even though it was off season — breaking into his cover version of the SNL song “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.”

Julian even took it upon himself to do a stage dive or two into the crowd, proving that despite being older, sober, and a new father the guy still has what it takes to be a rock star. He made jokes about how things have changed, yet stayed the same — stating that he had seen so many shows at the venue — “Irving Plaza, or whatever this place is called.”

Openers Dan Black, hit the stage quite early in the evening at 8:15. Although entertaining, Dan Black seem a bit over-the-top and not very contemporary. Like if you ever wondered what Cobra Starship would be like if they had been British and cast as the prom band in a teen movie from 2002 starring Melissa Joan Hart, Dan Black would probably be a close approximation to what that group would look/sound like.

Their blend of synthy dance music was fine, but just not unique or particularly interesting. The front man (a tall skinny version of John Travolta in Grease and Ben Stiller’s Zoolander) was overly dramatic in his stage mannerisms — at one point striking a Christ-like pose. Need I say more?

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  1. Wow must have been great to see him sing “Hard to Explain”.
    Can’t wait for them to reveal some new stuff.

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