Under Great White Northern Lights Out Now!

Under Great White Northern Lights has been released. Got my box set in the mail today. What do y’all think? Worth the money?

Best Buy is also featuring a limited edition bundle of the film and live album, get it while supplies last.

6 Replies to “Under Great White Northern Lights Out Now!”

  1. I would have paid $200 just for the book! The LP sleeve is a different color if you ordered it from their website. I have a few bootleg concerts that I like better than the songs on the cd, but overall it is a great collector piece for any White Stripes fan. For people that have never seen them live, and just hear the live CD, they may be left wondering what all the fuss was about. I felt as if the cd did not capture their energy onstage. The package design is beautiful.

  2. I agree about the book! It’s wonderful. The attention to detail is great. When I opened the box I kept finding all these other boxes and sleeves within boxes and sleeves that I had to open!

    Another win for the box set!

  3. So…should I get it? I should get it, shouldn’t I? Maybe I’ll get it. I think I might get it.

  4. ^^Nope not interested in supporting NEPOTISM in music. It will only downgrade the quality of music.

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